Farm and Livestock Dogs

Farm and Livestock Dogs

6 hours 11 min ago

FREE - must go ASAP. Landlord has given until June 1 to rehome.
Female Great Pyrenees cross named Winter. She was born in October 2021.
Winter is not spayed, and has had her shots.
She has lots of energy, too bouncy for very small children. Would be best suited to a farm or acreage.
Located near Benalto.

19 hours 48 min ago

This is the litter we've all been waiting for! Sire has a GB International Champion and 2 GB National Champions on his papers. Dame has CBCA Champion on hers. All the right names you want to see on registration papers. Dale and Dawn Montgomery, Jamie Gardner, Abe Marshall and many international breeders deep in the lineages.
We've spent years looking for good dogs like these, researching breeders and bloodlines and we're so excited for these pups. Both parents have a hard work ethic and solid instincts. They work a few animals to nearly 1000 on their own. Dad was trained for trials and is "push button" detailing and control for fancy finesse.   Mom is one of those dogs that can run the ranch on instincts alone, nothing gets past her. Both dogs have drive and can push hard enough for cattle but self-control and eagerness to please, they can slow and soften on command and work gently on lambs and ducks. Both love to work and have great eyes, not too hard, not too soft. Both have good bites and placement and only decide to bite when absolutely necessary. Both dogs have confidence, instincts, decision making and self-control and obedience.
Pups are genetically clear. 5 Females and 4 Males are available.
Let us know if you have any questions? And help these lines go to great homes. Please only txt or message, we have poor cell reception.
$1000 OBO

2 days 5 hours ago

Beautiful baby Sheepadoodles. 5 boys 5 girls. Mom pure old english sheepdog Dad pure poodle genetically tested clear. Parents are great around livestock and children. Puppies will have 1st vaccine wormings and vet checks. Ready mid june!

3 days 6 min ago

Guardian of flock and home. The Kangal dog is a gentle giant with children. raised with sheep, horses and cattle. They are showing their protective genetic instinct already at a young age. They will Make Excellent guard dogs For more information
call (780)234-4786
Can deliver anywhere

3 days 3 hours ago

I am selling 6 Great Pyrenees/ German Shepherd Puppies
All of the puppies are female and are currently 7 weeks old :)
The Father is a pure Great Pyrenees and is large. He will guard, but is a very calm tempered dog with the people he knows. The mother is 3/4 Pyrenees and 1/4 German Shepherd and is very sweet and gentle. She is a really nice dog, and they both watch the property during the night
These types of dogs are excellent guard dogs, but the Pyrenees breed is known to be very gentle with its owners and with children. They are also great dogs for surviving in harsh winter conditions, having a double coat.
They will protect your property from intruders in the case of theft; and do great on acreages protecting livestock as well.
This breed is also great for a calm and cuddly pet who is very loving.
These puppies will come with their first set of shots, dewormer, and delivery depending on where you are
I often travel to Edmonton area, but am located in Edson
Call or text Luke at 587-336-6789 for more information

3 days 3 hours ago

Male Aussie/ Border Collie For Stud
Jasper is his name!
Jasper is such a great dog, he is a cuddly boy, really smart and goofy, and loves the outdoors.
He is a great family dog. I selectively bred to get Jasper and kept him from the litter and He turned out amazing
He is 1 year old and produces sperm
He can do natural breeding or AI.
He has sired a litter and has 2 litters on the way; he has thrown Red Merle’s, Blue Merle’s, Black & Whites, and Tricoloured puppies as he has all of those colourations in his parents and grandparents.
He loves to explore, he is great with kids, other animals, and does well by himself or in crowds
His mother was a trained cattle dog,
Jasper is a pet
Jasper has a long coat, as his father has a long coat as well, but his mother has a short coat, so his pups can have a variety of coat lengths.
I purposefully bred him as a mixed breed because it helps with health, life longevity, and a larger genetic diversity, and a lower coefficient of inbreeding.
He would make beautiful pups with a medium to large size dog such as a German Shepherd, Husky, Aussie, Retriever, Maremma, Poodle, and other medium to large healthy dogs of breeds. If you are that kind of person who loves mix breeds for various reasons, and are looking for a beautiful and smart puppies,
Call or text Luke at 587-336-6789 for more info

3 days 4 hours ago

DOB October 11, 2021 ( BLUE ) short haired Male shows a lot of interest in sheep and cattle …. He is willing to work for anyone ….. has had his rabies and deworming shots … both parents are short haired too… I am negotiable text 7802391048 …

5 days 3 hours ago

Australian Shepard, black collie cross, excellent cattle and yard dogs, 5 males and 5 females, 4 weeks old,for more info please text 306 620 2210 .

5 days 22 hours ago

Beautiful PyreneesX puppies ready for their forever homes.
They are all vet checked and vaccinationed.
Willing to travel. Please contact for more information.

6 days 15 hours ago

TO SEE MORE PHOTOS COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER (if the link is not working just let me know and I can send you a new one)-
The photos are of the pups were updated on May 22nd
Puppy 1 - Male blue merle, born May 3rd at 10:13pm weighing 207 grams
He likes to cuddle and likes to make himself heard!
Puppy 2 - Male blue merle, born May 3rd at 11:33pm weighing 223 grams
He is a sweet boy that likes to cuddle
Puppy 3 - Female blue merle, born May 3rd at 11:55pm weighing 177 grams
She likes to observe her litter mates
Puppy 4 - Male black tri, born May 4th at 12:42am weighing 209 grams
He is a calm, sweet little boy that loves yawning
Puppy 5 - Female black tri, born May 4th at 1:20am weighing 229 grams
She likes to wag her tail and and stick out her tongue!
Puppy 6 - Female red tri, born May 4th at 3:16am weighing 150 grams
She is a cute little quiet girl
Puppy 7 - Female black tri, born May 4th at 4:35am weighing 205 grams
She loves cuddling and licking
Mother - Photos available for serious inquiries only
Mom lives in my home with the pups and is available for meeting!
Breed - Miniature Australian Shepherd, ¼ Australian Cattle dog
Appearance - Brown eyes, Black Tri with roan ticked blue coat and copper trim on her face and legs (like an Australian Cattle dog)
Hypoallergenic - no
Weight - 31 pounds
Personality - outgoing, loving, playful
Heath - Clear tested genetic panel, no current or past health issues
Father - Photos available for serious inquiries only
Dad lives in a different city and is not available for meeting, only photos are available!
Breed - ASRD registered Toy Australian Shepherd
Appearance - Blue eyes, blue merle coat
Hypoallergenic - no
Weight - 12 pounds
Personality - Gentle, sweet, mellow, independent
Health - Clear tested genetic panel, no current or past health issues
The pups!
Appearance - there are 3 blue merles with a high chance of having blue eyes, 3 Black tris, 1 red tri, they will have either blue, hazel, or brown eyes. The tri coloured pups all have the possibility to develop roan ticking with copper trim on their white fur, almost giving them the appearance of having a blue merle coat pattern. Australian cattle dogs are born almost completely white! Their colours develop later on, Mom was the same, she was born white with black patches and now has a spotted coat with copper trim on her face and legs!
These dogs will be seasonal shedders as adults, they will shed heavily twice a year around the beginnings of winter and spring, but will shed minimally the rest of the year. Some pups may have long fluffy coats like the Australian Shepherd and some may have shorter coats like the Australian Cattle Dog, we will know their coat type in a few more weeks!
Mom is mini sized and dad is toy sized, there is no guarantee of the pups adult size and weight but they should be within the 30-15 pound range, some may be toy sized, some large toy, and some mini.
The pups are kept and raised within my home and will be socialized with my close friends, and the people, children, and pets in my family. They will be used to riding in the car and going to new places. The pups will be groomed and handled daily. They will be introduced to crate training and pee pads. Mom’s diet consists of raw pet food, she is fed a variety of raw meats and vegetables, the pups will be weaned onto the same raw diet as mom and onto dry kibble as well.
Going home
The estimated pickup date is between June 28-July 3rd. Before your pup goes home they must be fully weaned and be at least 8 weeks of age, some pups may need to stay with mom longer if necessary so the pickup date is subject to change. As an option your pup can stay with mom until they are 12 weeks of age if you would like your pup to learn from mom and have more socialization before going home. They will have their first round of vaccinations, and will be microchipped, and dewormed before going home. You will receive a welcome package with Trupanion for 30 days of free medical insurance for your puppy which will cover 90% medical bill costs for any accidental injury or illness. Lastly, the pups will be sent home with a favorite toy, pee pads, a bag of raw and kibble food, and a blanket that smells like mom!
Puppy Selection
These dogs make excellent loyal and loving family pets when socialized and trained properly! Although they are toy and mini size, they are herding dogs and would be quite comfortable on a farm as well! Please do lots of research into the breed! Choosing the right puppy for your home is important, a high energy pup might not be right for a large busy family with young children, as they will require more one on one attention in their first year of life.
Pups with blue eyes are $2300
Pups with brown eyes are $2000
A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your pup, and the remainder is due on the pick up day.
A live or virtual home visit/tour with an introduction to all house members is required before being able to place a deposit.
Only families that have placed a deposit will be able to come physically visit their puppy and mom in my home before the pickup date.
Virtual visits of the pups and meeting mom outside of my home are possible for non-deposit holders, to prevent stress and sickness.

1 week 1 hour ago

AGILITY, HERDING, FAMILY PET - these puppies are for you. I own the sire (Registered Border Collie) and mother (registered white standard poodle). Pups are vaccinated, microchip and vet checked. Very smart and oh so much fun. We own a 2 year old female of the same breeding and she is well started on sheep and has already worked cattle. Excellent for bush work. I clip her twice a year and she sheds very little.

1 week 1 hour ago

Beautiful1.5 year old Anatolian Akbash dog for sale he is very large would be good for an acerage or farm. He is good with cats and kids. He is neutered and protective .

1 week 1 day ago

Beautiful Great Pyrenees/Maremma puppies! They are very friendly and well socialized. They are eating solid food, drinking water, using stairs and herding cats and other dogs around the house! Four girls and three boys are looking for guardian positions in their new forever homes.

1 week 3 days ago

Cute litter of Bernedoodle crossed with Australian Cattle dog.
This is a repeat breeding and we have received nothing but amazing feedback about this cross.
The Australian cattle dog added intelligence and trainability to the fun loving goofy bernedoodle.
This cross also creates a smaller bernedoodle size, so they are truly mini size.
We have males and females still available. Some have the curly coat of the bernedoodle and barely shed.

1 week 3 days ago

2 year old great pyrenees cross intact Male. Looking for a new farm. Hes great with all animals, wonderful guardian with the sheep and cattle. Must got to a farm only.

1 week 3 days ago

mom is purebred border collie and dad is purebred blue Merle border collie Top working puppies cattle or sheep parents are paper very good with kids to phone or text for more information 17806995838

1 week 4 days ago

Family raised in our home and on our farm available for their forever family homes this week ! Raised with horses, cattle, cats and children! Medium sized dog when adult !
Red and white female
Chocolate and white female
Black and white
I am go through health battles and another surgery very soon
Please become an amazing forever family or foster if you have a life that fits and a heart thats full of puppy love and room for a new family member!
Please leave message , text also , bad service

1 week 4 days ago

Great Pyrenees and marrema cross.
A good livestock gaurdian puppy.
Raised with goats.
Would be a good pet too.
1 hour west of edmonton

1 week 4 days ago

Looking for your furever friend? We have the first and last litter of pups from Miss Muushu and Mr. Zorro, ready to bless your home with warmth and joy. There are 3 girls and 2 boys in the litter. These gorgeous puppies were born April 8, 2022 and can be rehomed after June 3, 2022. Each puppy has BEAUTIFUL masks with booties and snow-capped tails.
- Mr. Oreo (Unavailable)
- Miss Oreo (Available)
- Mr. Butterscotch (Unavailable)
- Miss Butterscotch (Available)
- Miss Chocolate (Unavailable)
At the time of rehoming, all vaccines will be up to date along with de-worming and full health check completed by an excellent veterinarian. Puppies will come with veterinarian credentials. A special care package will be included containing treats, as well as a toy and blanket with their mother’s scent. Have a name already picked out? We’re more than happy to help socialize them.
- First come, first serve! We are prioritizing caring and loving homes. A large yard is preferrable along with people who are capable of giving them all the love they deserve. We’re really looking for individuals who can offer attentive care and ideally have knowledge or previous experience with large dogs. Interested? Please contact me at: 7808630707 or send me a message via Kijiji. Puppies come with a surrender contract, please ask for clarification.
- Non-refundable $350 to hold puppy, weekly updates are available for those with secured puppies. This way you don’t miss out on seeing them grow!
About the Parents:
- The Father is a Great Pyrenees/Caucasian Shepherd with a bold spirit and gentle heart. He is a very loving, sweet and steadfast protector. He is well-tempered, easy going and content to sit beside you while you read, watch television or nap.
- The Mother is an energetic, spirited and very affectionate Purebred Alaskan Malamute. She loves cuddles, attention, a good treat and is always ready with smiles and kisses. She enjoys naps and walks. Both dogs are very healthy, sweet and non-aggressive.
- Father is an LGD (Large Guardian Dog) from a working farm. These puppies will offer the protectiveness of the Great Pyrenees/Caucasian Shepherd breed and the tenderness and affection that Alaskan Malamutes are well known for.
- It goes without saying that the combination is incredibly rare, making them an added treasure to all who will love them.
- Both dogs are large and the pictures provided are of the puppies barely two weeks old. Please check back for updates!
Please reach out if you are serious about owning these rare and very loveable pups!

1 week 4 days ago

They have there shots parents are working livestock dogs short haired playful...
sorry I didn't get any better photos of them they like there company if you have more questions call or text 7802269466

1 week 5 days ago

Make me an offer. 6 Great Pyrenees X Newfoundland Puppies for Sale. Born April 3, 2022. Asking $600. 1 Brown Female and 1 Brown Male (Leonburger coat pattern). 2 Black Females. 1 White Male, 1 Black Male. Parents are excellent livestock guardians. The last 2 pictures are the parents. Best dogs ever for guardians or pets. Wonderful personalities. Excellent with children, other dogs and animals.

1 week 5 days ago

Make me an offer. 6 Great Pyrenees X Newfoundland Puppies for Sale. Born April 3, 2022. Asking $900. 1 Brown Female and 1 Brown Male (Leonburger coat pattern). 2 Black Females. 1 White Male, 1 Black Male. Parents are excellent livestock guardians. The last 2 pictures are the parents. Best dogs ever for guardians or pets. Wonderful personalities. Excellent with children, other dogs and animals.

1 week 5 days ago

We have 3 Male Maremma livestock guardian pups for sale. They are out of our working Maremmas here on our farm. No other breeds - straight Maremma.
If you are looking for a dog that will protect your farm or acreage from predators - both 4 foot and two, this is your dog!
They will be ready to go the end of May.
Located in Westerose out by Pigeon Lake. 1 hour south west of Edmonton.

1 week 6 days ago

Located near Coronation (45 mins east of Stettler)
This is Sven, he is a 9 month old great Pyrenees. Not Neutered or Vaccinated but has been dewormed. Very sweet boy, good with cats and off leash and potty trained. Good with female dogs and male dogs that are neutered. Rehoming as he keeps trying to be dominant with my Service dog and he needs to have lots of space or someone who can take him for lots of walks. Asking 200 OBO as we comes with food, bowls, leash and collar. Pick up ASAP

1 week 6 days ago

8 week old Great Pyrenees male puppy needing his forever home! He is a very well tempered puppy, who will be an amazing farm dog! He has his first vacation and deworming done.

2 weeks 4 hours ago

Blue Heeler Cross
Two beautiful Blue Heeler puppies for sale. Both are males, 11 weeks old and looking for there forever homes.
They have been raised on my parents ranch around cattle, horses, and livestock.
Mom is a pure bred Blue Heeler and father is a border collie.
My mother has asked me to help her sell these pups and is asking $500 OBO each. She wasn’t expecting a littler and pups do not come with shot and is priced accordingly.
Pups are smart, super playful and love people.
Please text 587-891-9551 for more information. Pups are located in the Water Valley/ Cochrane Area.

2 weeks 1 day ago

Registered border collie; lines go back to Juan Reyes’ Red. Exposed to stock and keen to work sheep and cattle
Text or WhatsApp for best response

bluebow · 1 day ago

Still available?

2 weeks 1 day ago

6 Australian Shepard pups available
The mom and dad are super smart and loving with beautiful colouring and are amazing family dogs that are good around kids. They have the energy to keep up on the farm yet small enough to ride on the quad with you. Dad is Standard size Australian Shepard, and the Mom is mini Australian Shepard.
Super trainable dogs with lots of energy wether you train them for working livestock or just to keep up with your busy lifestyle, these dogs are all that and also amazing family dogs. Born April 4th and will be ready to go to their new home end of May. Will come with first round of shots and deworming. Will need a $ 5 0 0 non refundable deposit to hold a pup.
2 males and 4 females
Please contact for more info.
Located 10 minutes northwest of Rimbey Alberta.

2 weeks 3 days ago

For sale; 6 Beautiful, healthy Farm Collie puppies, 4 males and 2 females. These puppies are by a classic, Tri Coloured, Male Rough/Scotch Collie and a Purebred Tri Colour med coat, Border Collie female.
About Farm Collies. This is not a breed but rather an Old Type of Collie that used to be on farms everywhere before breeders specialized the hard working Border Collie to work stock and the Scotch Collie as a lustrous coated, show dog and family pet. Farm Collies are med in size and coat, are good watchdogs to let you know when something is amiss in the yard, they seldom leave their yards, are large enough to run off coyotes, have some desire to work stock if asked, love people and children, good with other dogs, if properly socialized early, good with farm stock, poultry and cats, they are properly introduced to, they don’t have the ‘Nip/bite’ other herding breeds often have. These dogs are an excellent choice for acreages, with a physical or ecollar fence, to keep them safely out of others property, and off of roads. They make great in town family dogs, for families who like to take the dogs for walks, holidays, to the dog park and participate in Dog Sport, obedience or just teaching a multitude of tricks to! This cross makes an excellent choice for pet therapy dogs as Collies always wear their hearts on their sleeves.
The puppies will all have med silky Collie coats as adults, that allow them to be outdoors, with their people, in all weather. They blow their coats 2X/year but regular, and easily groomed, keeps the coat in check for indoors or out.
About the parents; The Mother dog, Tri Again, is a purebred Tri-Border Collie by a reg Tri coloured Male Border Collie. Her Mother is a purebred Black and white Border Collie. Both parent dogs have a med long silky Border Collie fringe coat and come from a working cattle ranch. Tri lives with us here on our Horse and hay farm. She is a taller Border Collie and is a great watch dog to let us know when something is amiss in the yard. She and our Guardian Dog love to run off coyotes and keep the deer out of the hay. They also love to accompany us on trail rides/drives with the horses. Tri has a faultless temperament around all humans she LOVES affection. I use Tri as an agility dog for dog sport, and she excels at this, she was socialized early as a puppy and is really good with other dogs. Tri has a mostly self cleaning med silky coat. Tri Again has been Embark tested for over 200 genetic health issues, including Collie specific ones and her DNA came back 100% clear.
The sire of these puppies is Coby, a Tri Coloured, classic Rough/Scotch collie. Coby lives on an acreage with lots of children and people around him, he barks when someone comes into the yard, but is a very amicable ‘Old Soul’ type dog. There are mini horses, cats, goats, sheep, lambs some poultry, and Coby in the middle of it all just hanging out. We really love the sire of these pups, easy going kind, temperament.
The puppies are a pretty uniform litter with the males being larger than the females. They have various coat densities, amount of white and tan markings. Some are more go getter like the Border Collie while others are more laid back when handled and in general. They are all friendly, have been raised indoors to 4 weeks, healthy pups. They will have their Veterinarian health check at 8 weeks of age, be vaccinated, dewormed and micro chipped. Puppies have a lifetime ‘Welcome Home’ policy in that they can be brought back here to be rehomed for their lifetimes. I have extensive experience training dogs and also offer lifetime support for any training issues that may crop up or just to share photos of how you and your pup is doing.
The best homes are important to us for the lifetime success of the puppies, so please, tell me a little about yourselves, dog experience, where our pup will live and what you are looking for in a dog companion. This helps me guide you to the right pup.
We are asking $1,500 obo/pup.

2 weeks 3 days ago

I have 11 puppies who will be looking for there forever homes right away. They won't be ready until the end of the month as they are only 4.5 weeks old ( born April 10,2022)
-Mom is black lab cross great Pyrenees
- dad is a ?
- I will be going to G&E pharmacy to pick up the shots plus deworming so they will come with one round of vaccination and when you pick up your puppy I will have second dose for you to give yourself or to take to your vet
- there are 3 black boys 4 lighter boys 3 black females 1 light female
- deposit required to hold a puppy doesn't have to be alot but enough that you won't want to walk away from your puppy as the deposit is non refundable as I'm hoping to find them all home so when Sunday June 5 comes there all got homes to go to
- puppies will be raised with our kids, our male dog ( not the daddy) and our cat
Can't seem to upload pictures but can text them if you like.

2 weeks 4 days ago

7months old. Maremma x blue heeler. She is good with other dogs and cats. Used to bring around cattle.

2 weeks 4 days ago

Ready to go kangal pyrenese cross
From working parents
150 or offers
Please call or text 403 360 6696

2 weeks 5 days ago

Beautiful black lab cross pups. Second pic is Dad,Mom and Brother from last litter. They love water and are very good guard/family dogs. The dads a gentle giant so these pups will be the same. Ready to go this weekend. Will trade for livestock. Calves, chickens, ducks, goats, pigs,

2 weeks 6 days ago

Purebred Heeler (Australian cattle dog) puppies
***2 blue males left***
Current photos of on Kijiji are the pups at 6 weeks old (as of May 8 ).
Born Oilers fans but can be swayed to support the Flames - with a significant amount of treats - based on their new owner’s jurisdiction.
Mother is a 30 lb red heeler, father is a 40lb blue heeler. Both extremely well mannered, very easy going farm dogs.
Puppies ready to go week of May 23. Will come well socialized, vet checked, with their first shots + deworming, and with puppy food.
Please contact me for more photos of pups/ parents, or videos
Serious inquiries only, deposit required. I can travel (within reason) to assist with pup drop off

3 weeks 1 hour ago

Beautiful Silver Lab puppies ready for their new homes on May 16th! These puppies come with full vet checks, health certificates, full vaccinations, dewormed, and records. They are socialized and raised carefully to ensure they have the best possible start and develop good habits. Our labs are so personable, playful, loving and intelligent. Whether it be settling in to watch a movie, do some work around the farm, go out for a hike, walk or camping - these dogs absolutely love to be with us. They are great with our livestock, other farm animals and most importantly they just love kids.
If you're in search of an affectionate and loyal companion, a Silver Lab from Poplar Creek Farm is perfect for you.
Maya, our dame is purebred, CKC registered and an incredible dog that we raised from a pup. Coming from a hunting blood line, she is a great retriever and is also great with kids and adults alike - she just loves attention. Calm and content in the house, playful outside with the kids, watchful and protective at night - an absolutely perfect package. These dogs are super easy to train and have a stable temperament that makes them a true joy to have around. Our sire, "Sarge", is a stunning Silver Lab we also raised from a pup and he has a great temperament. Sarge is a phenomenal retriever and is fantastic with all children and he just loves their attention. They're stunning appearance attracts SO MUCH attention when they're out in public.
These beautiful puppies will be ready for their forever home on May 16th.
A $250.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your puppy and the remaining on pickup.
For further information, call or text 780-263-5626.

3 weeks 4 hours ago

We have 9 great pyrenees/maremma puppies who are looking for their forever homes.
They are currently 10 weeks old and are ready for their new homes. They have their first vet check and first needles and deworming.
Puppies have been raised in our home with our kids and cats.
They are currently being kennel trained.
The dad is pure great pyrenees and the mother is maremma. Both are working dogs and great at what they do.
We have 5 males and 4 females
1 male left
Puppy 1-orange collar is male(SOLD)
Puppy 2- neon green collar is male (SOLD)
Puppy 3- red collar is female(SOLD)
Puppy 4- purple collar is female(SOLD)
Puppy 5- dark green collar is male(SOLD)
Puppy 6- yellow collar is male(SOLD)
Puppy 7- hot pink collar is female(SOLD)
Puppy 8- dark blue collar is male
Puppy 9 -light blue collar is female (SOLD)
We are located in wandering river.
Puppies are 500.00 and require a 200.00 non refundable deposit to hold.

3 weeks 4 days ago

Stitch was born December 13th, 2021. She is a fun loving pup. 3/4 Golden Retriever and 1/4 Pyrenees. She is raised on a farm and is familiar with cats, other dogs, chickens and children. She is good around vehicles.
Stitch is smart and loves affection.

3 weeks 5 days ago

To approved home only.
Meet ROXY. She is a Registered Louisiana Catahoula Leopard, and comes straight out of southern Kentucky with Louisiana Breeding.
We selected her as one of our foundation breeding females but unfortunately, she had some hormone issues and we had to spay her.
She is the most loving and wiggly girl you will ever meet! When she wags her tail, her entire body goes with it! ;)
We have a couple other female dogs at home, and she tends to be dominant over them, so we are looking for a new home for her.
She does love to run, so farm or acreage would be best. She could be trained as a working cattle dog, as she loves to herd!
She loves to play with other dogs, but male friend would be suited.
We also have kids & cats (which she does love to chase, and slobber all over) & horses.
As a puppy, she didn't quite get out of the pen fast enough and a horse stepped on her and broke her back leg.
It is all healed with the exception of her 'hock/knee' which had some growth plate damage.
She does have a limp and swelling in that area, but will hopefully grow out of it.
It doesn't stop her at all from running, jumping and playing.
Please call me if you are interested, and you are welcome to come meet her in person!
We also have some puppies available - ready to go in 2 weeks

3 weeks 6 days ago

Rip is a 9.5 month old male Red Heeler and mom had some kelpie in her. He was supposed become a cow but is not turning like I had hoped. Shows very little interest in cattle. Knows his sit down and come here commands. Is a smart dog and listens well. Would make a nice yard dog. Follows really good when walking in woods and stuff.

4 weeks 3 hours ago

Great Pyrenees and marrema mix.
Good guardian's and pets.
3 months old.
1 male left from a litter of 7.
450 obo.

1 month 1 day ago

I have a purebred border collie puppy
Hes really beautiful blue eyes both parents are working livestock dogs he was the only Male in the litter He has his first shot ..If more questions call or text 7802269466

1 month 3 days ago

Strong, healthy, female German Shepherd puppy available.
Our dogs are known for their fantastic temperaments, longevity of life, great health, and of course their large, solid builds.
They are well socialized with children and livestock.
Parents are both working line german shepherds. They are in perfect health.
Pups have their vaccinations and multiple deworners. They are doing fantastic with house training and are very eager to please.
Pictures are of available female pup and both parents.
This young lady will be a massive dog, as both parents are over 120lbs.
Call or text for more info

1 month 4 days ago

Kangal x Newfoundland with a bit of border collie. Awesome pups. Seem to have good instincts. First round vaccinations and dewormed 3x. Price is only to cover the costs of raising the puppies. All males except for the Black with white socks pup. These pups will need jobs, they are high energy with lots of working instinct.

1 month 4 days ago

Well socialized and well trained, I’ve had this pup since he was 6 weeks old. Very food motivated but trained not to be dependent. He can sit, wait, spin, speak and he has the patience of a Saint! (His mum was a purebred St. Bernard to it makes sense lol
Lazier than the day is long but happier than a kid with chocolate cake to work, Hero is willing to work the fields with you and your horse and cattle all day, or nap on the couch all day instead.
He’s never destroyed a thing, not a shoe or furniture. However because of my roommate, he has come too think he is entitled and sometimes gets too excited and jumps up. A firm tone and gentle hand is all this boy needs to remind him.
Loves people, kids, cats, other dogs and horses.
He is my boy, my Hero. If you wish to become his new forever home, there will be a written contract that you must sign, stating he will not be sold or rehomed without notifying me first. I will always keep in contact but I will not harass. I just want my boy to be happy and living in town is not where he is happy.
Thank you.
$500 rehoming fee
His full breeds are St Bernard (mom) and Great Pyrenees, Mastiff, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever.

1 month 5 days ago

We have 4 female 5 male. Dad is a purebred Pitbull, mom is American Staffordshire Terrier with a tiny bit of Great Pyrenees. Puppies will have first shots & will require $200 deposit to hold your puppy.
Responsible dog owners only, i would like to see them go to great forever homes!
Please email or text me if you would like to see more pictures / FaceTime.
Willing to travel up to 2 hours outside of edmonton for drop off or to meet up when they are ready to go
They are excited to meet you!

1 month 1 week ago

Ready to go end of April Beautiful Border Collie puppies out of working stock .Border collies are awesome dogs very smart and intelligent .mother is my go-to dog she'll do anything for you both parents work here in the ranch if you need a good cattle dog or anything try one of these puppies five females and two males will be posting more pictures as puppies get older born February 17th phone only thank u. hurry to pick your new best friend 3sold 4left pups won't last long

1 month 1 week ago

Looking to stud out our Anatolian Shepherd, he his a beautiful guardian dog who is great with kids but hates coyotes. Has guarded our sheep for 3 years .Looking to get one pup from litter

1 month 2 weeks ago

Easter discount 2 females left, great Pyrenees/ Leonburger born Jan 4th and ready to go!

1 month 2 weeks ago

Beautiful Russian LGDs.
Dad is Moscow watchdog, Parents directly imported from Russia and are registered and purple ribbon winners.
Mom is ovcharka (Caucasian shepard)
Parents on site.
If your looking for personal protection, livestock guardians, or a family dog, these pups are perfect. They are also great for couples or singles.
Smart, independent, courageous, brave, easily trainable.
Not for inexperienced or first time dog owners.

1 month 2 weeks ago

2 females and 1 male left
Message for more pics and/or a meet and greet.
Bernese mountain dog x Golden retriever x Great pyrenees x Blue heeler
Pic 1 - The three pups available
Pic 2 - Millhouse (Female)
Pic 3 - Apu (Male)
Pic 4 - Edna (Female)
Pic 4 - Mom
Pic 5 - Dad
Vet Cleared. All healthy! Received first vaccinations and dewormed. Raised on our acreage with other dogs, cats, children and horses!
They will come with a puppy package:
A leash, collar, a blanket and toy that smells like their mom and littermates and some of their current food.
Pups were born January 16th (currently 12 weeks old).
Mom- Bernese x blue heeler x golden retriever (63 lbs)
We have had mom since she was a puppy. Extremely affectionate. She loves all people and is great with children and other animals. Has fantastic recall and was very easy to train.
Dad - Great pyrenees x blue heeler (90 lbs)
Dad works at a neighboring farm guarding and protecting goats!