Farm and Livestock Dogs

Farm and Livestock Dogs

1 hour 58 min ago

Male Aussie/ Border Collie For Stud
Jasper is his name!
Jasper is such a great dog, he is a cuddly boy, really smart and goofy, and loves the outdoors.
He is a great family dog. I selectively bred to get Jasper and kept him from the litter and He turned out amazing
He is 1 year old and produces sperm
He can do natural breeding or AI.
He has sired a litter and has 2 litters on the way; he has thrown Red Merle’s, Blue Merle’s, Black & Whites, and Tricoloured puppies as he has all of those colourations in his parents and grandparents.
He loves to explore, he is great with kids, other animals, and does well by himself or in crowds
His mother was a trained cattle dog,
Jasper is a pet
Jasper has a long coat, as his father has a long coat as well, but his mother has a short coat, so his pups can have a variety of coat lengths.
I purposefully bred him as a mixed breed because it helps with health, life longevity, and a larger genetic diversity, and a lower coefficient of inbreeding.
He would make beautiful pups with a medium to large size dog such as a German Shepherd, Husky, Aussie, Retriever, Maremma, Poodle, and other medium to large healthy dogs of breeds. If you are that kind of person who loves mix breeds for various reasons, and are looking for a beautiful and smart puppies,
Call or text Luke at 587-336-6789 for more info

2 hours 45 min ago

Wolfdogs are a canine breed of dog that consist of Grey Wolf, with varying percentages of domesticated dog in an individual bloodline.
This ranges from Low Content 15% to 49%, Mid content; 50% to 74%, Upper Mid 75% to 84%, and High Content, 85% to 95%+
Wolfdogs are amazing animals, and can be some of the best parts of your life. With the right owner, training, and resources, they will be excellent dogs brought in to your life.
The photos show the puppies (on top), and the probable adult appearance on the bottom row for reference, on the grid photo
These dogs are not like a regular dog; they take dedication, time, a meat diet with varying other foods, and a well built enclosure. And of course exercise, exploring and a loving home.
These dogs are very stigmatized, misunderstood, and by the majority of the population, who have never seen or lived with Wolfdogs.
They are not guard dogs, and do not protect in their nature; they look out for their own survival as in nature. Any threat is avoided and they will resort to escaping or running away before confronting it. They will only instinctively guard them self if cornered and if a person is intentionally going at them.
The type of enclosure these dogs have to have, or are able to build an 8ft tall enclosure with dig guards and a shelter, this is the type of enclosure they have to have.
Low contents can have a 6ft enclosure, but should have lean ins so they don’t climb out.
They have a long lifespan so they will be a part of your family for 13, 14 years and they can live longer depending on the dog.
They will need a meat diet. Dog food can be incorporated as well.
But they must eat meat.
They are exceptionally intelligent. They learn fast, but they do not have the recall like dogs as they weren’t bred for thousands of years to do so. They are smarter in the way they perceive their surroundings and calculate the next move or know what a person is trying to do. They are observant.
This mix:
The Father of these puppies is named Jasper; he is a Blue Merle, Blue Eyed dog who’s genetic make up is 50% Australian Shepherd, 38% Border Collie, 12% Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)
He is a cuddly, outgoing, adventurous and loving dog. He is sweet, smart, and loves exploring.
He is the offspring of selective breeding, and I have had him since he was born.
He was bred as a mix breed to increase genetic diversity with the aims of an athletic dog, with breeds that all have a long lifespan. He was also bred for intelligence, and outgoing personality.
Jasper has a long coat which helps in the elements. He loves hiking and road tripping. He also loves jumping in the snow and swimming in the water.
The Mother of these puppies is Juniper.
She is about 45% Gray Wolf, with about 50% Malamute, and the rest being trace breeds.
She is a very loving Wolfdog, who is smart, cuddly, active, loves people she knows, and loves other dogs.
She is so friendly to other dogs, you will see her trying to be friends with them and licking their face, and trying to play.
Juniper is an adorable girl.
She prefers to be with people that she knows and is extremely loving to them. She will walk in public fine, but doesn’t like big commotion crowds.
Juniper also likes to warm up to people she doesn’t know first before petting or hugging. She is a bit shy towards strangers sometimes. But once she knows you she is as loving as can be.
She loves car rides and road trips and will stick her head out of the window when driving.
She also loves hiking and enjoys the views.
She’s quite attentive to her surroundings and notices the birds, Sky and trees. She will watch bees on flowers and respond to the barks of dogs in the distance with alert ears and face.
She is a pretty quiet girl and doesn’t bark much at all.
She only howls or barks when she misses Jasper or me and wonders where her friend or owner went if alone.
The pups:
This mix is extremely rare, with only a few Wolfdogs with Australian Shepherd or Collie in their mix.
The Merle gene is exceptionally rare; I have only seen about 8 Blue Merle Wolfdogs online
I have come across only 2 Red Merle Wolfdogs ever on the internet (From the same litter). So there is a chance she is one of three. Probably less than 5 on earth if there are any others.
A Solid Red Aussie is a very rare coat, being the most unlikely for a pup to be born with.
The Black coloured coat tends to create a more Wolfy look as the pups get older.
The genetics of these pups will create intelligent pups, who are built to survive the elements, are athletic, healthy, and loving pups that are great indoor or outdoor dogs.
The pups will be about 20-25% Gray Wolf
This is better for first time Wolfdog owners.
The Black and White Collie Color or Merle coat can be helpful, because if it does escape they won’t be mistaken as a Coyote which saves them from getting shot by a farmer.
The content will be better for some because it will mean not having strictly meat, but they can also have dog food added in to their diet as well.
The trainability will be easier from the Collie, Aussie, and Heeler (All cattle dogs and all in the top smartest dogs on earth.) These are also all in the top longest lifespan dog breeds.
You will probably be able to bring them more places with you and potentially be better off leash with recall.
Usually there is a 1-2 year wait list for Wolfdogs, and also with few in Canada, people who own Wolfdogs often opt for USA lines.
In buying a Wolfdog, a breeder will screen buyers, as they can’t just go to any home that would take them like a regular dog.
Many people want them, but only few are capable, or are the type of person who’s lifestyle is suitable to have a Wolfdog for its life.
Shipping from the states is expensive $1000-$1,500
This is a rare opportunity having Wolfdog puppies ready for homes, without a 1-2 year wait, or expensive shipping prices.
People will be filtered when finding a home for these pups, Phone interview, application, and a signed sale agreement.
Spay/ neuter
Pups are $3,500
Red Merle $4,000
Down deposit of half that to secure a position. Non refundable down deposit, as all Wolfdog breeders do. These pups will have to bond with families. This is done to filter people out who back out last second, and leave breeders screening for another home, when they could have had a loving home
Not only does it show that a person is able to provide the means on the spot, it shows the dedication and also prevents the breeders from having to re-find another home.
If a person changed their mind after owning it, and wants to get rid of it; Wolfdog would have to be returned via return contract so I will find it a good home and it does not end up at Yamnuska or sold out to someone sketchy.
These are truly beautiful pups, once in a lifetime find; and will make an amazing addition to lives of the right home.
There will be an information about Wolfdogs PDF and a purchase agreement, upon selecting a good home for each of these pups
Feel free to inquire: Call 587-336-6789

3 hours 45 min ago

Four females. And two males. Looking for their forever families. These guys are ready to go and be added to your family. These puppies are priced to find their new homes. These guys are a Great Pyrenees mix. Mom is a Great Pyrenees/Shepard cross. Dad is a Great Pyrenees/golden retriever. They will make amazing farm/yard dogs. Should all mature to be a good size.

9 hours 5 min ago

Pure - working parrents. Smart like a police dog and work well with horses/cattle. Australian Cattle dog male ready to go.

1 day 3 hours ago

Guardian of flock and home. The Kangal dog is a gentle giant with children. raised with sheep, horses and cattle. They are showing their protective genetic instinct already at a young age. They will Make Excellent guard dogs For more information
call (780)234-4786
Can deliver anywhere

1 day 8 hours ago

Last female of the batch. Born July 2nd. Mom is Great Pyrenees, Merrema, Saint Bernard. Dad is Great Pyrenees. She will come with first set of shots and deworming. Ready to go August 27th.

2 days 7 hours ago

• 2 Great pyrenees mix puppies for sale, 1 male and 1 female left.
•The mother is a Great pyrenees x Retriever and The father is a Great pyrenees x St. Bernard.
•All pups are healthy and will come with they’re first vaccs and deworming.
•The mother and father love playing with kids and get along with other dogs. These dogs are very smart, and they easily trained. Pups are trained to pee and poo outside. They’re a great Family dogs!
• Ready to be released on July 30, 2022.
• Born June 4th, 2022
• Willing to deliver outside of Calgary.

2 days 8 hours ago

great pyrenees
3.5 years old
Female not fixed
Comes with health record
Been vaccinated and dewormed
Need to move right away
Need lots of room to run and chase coyotes!
Located in Drumheller
Pic to follow

2 days 20 hours ago

We got puppies from these 2 beautiful dogs . Please contact me for me information.
Google kangal if you need to know what the dogs about.

3 days 6 hours ago

4 female, adorable puppies in need of loving home. 1st round of vaccination, dewormed, and vet checked. Mother is Akita and father is Kangal x Great Pyrenees.

3 days 7 hours ago

Daisy is looking for a home!
Daisy is a gentle, loving sweetheart. She loves people and is amazing with children.
She loves to sit and watch over them.
Daisy has been raised outdoors on our acreage, although she would do good indoors as well. We would love to see her on an acreage or farm.
She is good with cattle but has never been around other animals. Daisy gets along great with other dogs!
Daisy is healthy, fit and and is great at keeping the coyotes away. She always stays in the yard and never wanders. She has a very calm, mellow and quiet temperament.
She barks at strangers and will be a guard dog if needed, but once she knows there is no danger she welcomes you with love!
She is 2.5 years old, spayed, vaccinated and recently dewormed.
She is 85lbs, 3/4 Bernese and 1/4 Australian Shepherd
We are looking for the perfect home for her and would take her back at anytime if it wasn’t a good fit. She is a very special dog :)

3 days 8 hours ago

Hello everyone we have 5 puppies looking for new loving homes/acreages come sept 7th when they are 8 weeks :)
There is 2 males 3 females to choose from.
The mom is purebred Great Pyrenees (white dog) and the dad is Great Pyrenees x Siberian husky (brown&white dog)
Will be vet checked and come with first set of shots

3 days 8 hours ago

Alaskan Pit bulls for sale very loving and loyal , can handle the winters in Alberta ,the pups have been socialized with children and other pets and livestock

4 days 6 hours ago

DOB October 11, 2021 ( BLUE ) short haired Male shows a lot of interest in sheep and cattle …. He is willing to work for anyone ….. has had his rabies and deworming shots … both parents are short haired too… I am negotiable text 7802391048 …

4 days 19 hours ago

We have 3 beautiful healthy little females and 2 gorgeous males. The mom is Bernese Mountain Dog with a hint of Pyrenees in her. The dad is a Bernese Mountain Dog. The puppies are ready to go to their forever homes Aug. 17th. They were born June 26th. For any other questions please contact Tammy at 587-444-3273. Text or call. Ill respond as soon as I can. Thank you.

5 days 7 hours ago

Rare border collie pup fer sale 5 weeks old ..rarely u see them wit dis much white not crossed with anything very obedient trained her to lie down in 10 min . She's got good cow dog potential if received proper training . Not too aggressive she's been around kids quite abit ..she's had 1 dewormer shot no booster . Last 1 in the litter wanted to keep fer breeding nd herding cattle but wit harvest around the corner won't really have time to work much wit her..

6 days 8 hours ago

These beautiful pups are almost 2 months old. They are Great Pyrenees X . These pups have a very gentle nature with a natural instinct to protect! They come to your home with 1st shots and vet check. These are a breed that loves to be outside so ideally a home with room to roam!

6 days 22 hours ago

3 Great Pyrenees dogs for sale
1 female 2yrs old named Lucy
1 male 1yr 5 months
1 male puppy 8 months old
Make an offer or take all

1 week 1 day ago

Great pyreneese puppies for sale
3 handsome males and 2 gorgeous females left! All are 75% great pyreneese and 25% Maremma. All have had their first shots and all have had their vet checks and are in great health and ready to take home. Come and get your new best friend today! Located in Athabasca, Alberta. Call Alain for details by phone (403) 392-7546 or email

1 week 2 days ago

Crooks Mastinos is elated to announce we have litters arriving September 13 to October 1 2022
Both show prospects and pets will be available, all puppies are CKC Registered and will be UTD on vaccinations, Microchipped, Dewormed, Vet checked, 30 days health insurance through trupanion, 2 year health guarantee and lifetime breeder support.
We are expecting all 4 colors (blue, black, tawny and mahogany)
Puppies are raised inside our home, fed both kibble and raw and are used to children, small and big animals, livestock ect.
Please ensure you adequately research the breed. This is not a dog for beginners.
Shipping available via westjet within canada and USA
Pet price is $3500
We are currently accepting deposits ($500)

1 week 3 days ago

Mom is 3/4 Pyrenees and 1/4 Maremma. Dad is Pyrenees. Both parents on site. Raised with children, cats, poultry, goats, and cows. Born April 10th.

1 week 3 days ago

Sarplaninic (aka Illyrian Shepard) mom and Central Asian Shepard (aka alibi) dad.
Updated pictures coming soon of parents
Born may 1 2022
Pups come from working dogs. Parents are on a mixed farm as yard guardians. Mom is extremely attentive to everything happening at all times surrounding the property, dad is an incredible guardian around the livestock in the yard. Pups have grown up following mom everywhere she goes and around the cats, cattle, horses, pigs, rabbits, chickens. Havent been inside the house and understand their jobs is protecting the farm, but are still young enough that they can be turned into amazing family only pets.
One female two males
These dogs will be very large, strong dominant dogs. If you have no experience with similar breeds these pups may not be for you unless you are comfortable and confident in your ability to put the proper time and effort they will take.
Pups are up to date on vaccinations and dewormed. Will come with vet checkup. SPAY/NEUTER contract required.
Free delivery from Lloyd area to Edmonton area (with deposit)
Townpost message, text or call (306) 407-zerothree94

1 week 3 days ago

Bermese Cross Pups, Bermese Mountain Dog/Appenzeller Sennenhund both pups are 6 months old approximately, fully immunized and have been well socailized with several other dogs big and small.
They make amazing addition to your farm yard as they have impressive family loyalty and are great guardians over land and livestock. Currently in town in a large yard which is not fully fenced on main street in Legal and they maintain the perimeter and are very quick to learn, never leaving the yard when off leash.
Enzo is a huge softie. He loves attention and is eager and gain you affection and approval. He loves cuddles and to play with the other small breed dogs, careful not to hurt them, stopping short when interacting with them. Doing well with harness training, but impressively perfect night time guard as we go for walks. Exactly the right companion for those looking for a hiking or hunting companion. Or ideal to tqg along for anyone looking for an attentive sidekick who hauls cattle.
Ella, a uniquely color beauty. In both temperament and physical appearance. She has a nurturing nature and learns almost instantly. She has a very soft sweet temperament and would make an amazing family pet as well an amazing addition to anyone looking for a larger breed dog to help look over farm animals and or yard. Does very well on a loose lead, can with stand living outside entirely or as an indoor/outdoor dog.

1 week 3 days ago

These beautiful puppies are ready to go to their forever homes! 3 males left.
They are 3/4 mastiff, 1/4 shepherd. They are easy to train, protective and loyal.
Had a complete physical as well as first shots & deworming. Extremely healthy.
These puppies are raised around livestock. They have already learned stay and come commands. Excellent family dogs. We own both parents and they are not aggressive will protect your family and home.
At 10 weeks these puppies are letting us know when strangers are at our gate.
Located near Sundre
Text or call CORA for more info 403-638-8230

1 week 4 days ago

We have one female left that needs a new home. Dad is a large Great Pyrenees crossed with Australian Shepard. Mom is half Great Pyrenees but quite a bit smaller (looks like yellow lab cross). She has a very fluffy coat and is pure white. Price is negotiable - good home is more important.

1 week 6 days ago

We are Great Pyrenees and German Shepard husky mix and we are 4 females. We are good with horses, pigs, chickens, cats and kids.

2 weeks 38 sec ago

Becoming 2 year old …Australian kelpie fully trained has worked in trials … he’s working cattle and sheep …. Papers are registered under Australia …

2 weeks 1 day ago

Kelly is 11 mouths old. Loves Kids, super friendly, smart, super agile, Very healthy Pure Breed Border Collie. She has no interest in Working cattle.

2 weeks 1 day ago

Free to Good Home
Boots is looking for a home! She is a calm, loving and loyal girl.
She is very healthy, fit and loves going for walks.
She is shy of strangers and takes some time to trust but is always very friendly.
Boots is a mellow girl and we are looking for an acreage or farm home for her. She doesn’t like the chaos of the city and prefers a quieter mostly outdoor home.
She stays close to home/never wanders and is used to roaming free on our acreage so we are looking for a similar home.
She’s amazing with children and gets along good with cats and livestock.
Boots will make a great companion and adventure partner!
Looking for a home that is willing to give her time to adjust and bond with her new owners.
She’s an incredible girl and also gets along great with all other dogs, she’s a great part of the coyote chasing team!
Boots is spayed, vaccinated and recently dewormed
Please contact if you have any other questions!
Willing to take her back at any time if she isn’t a good fit, we only want her in the perfect home for her :)

2 weeks 2 days ago

I have five 15 week old puppies for sale and six 17 week old puppies for sale.
Been around sheep, pigs, chickens, horses, cattle, cats, other dogs and little children.

2 weeks 3 days ago

1 boy available. (* we also have an NALC Registered litter ready to go! 4M & 3F)
This puppy comes with complete vaccinations and deworming, veterinary health check and microchip. This 'cowboy' has an amazing personality. He learns so fast, loves attention, but is also confident enough to go lay down by himself. He will be a fantastic family companion, and could be a farm hand working with livestock. (he likes to try to boss the horses around here!)
We have the opinion that everyone should own a Catahoula! They are truly amazing companion dogs, working dogs and are loyal like no other.
Both parents are purebreds, have incredible temperaments and come straight from the heart of Catahoula Country USA.
Parents in photos, Dad is solid red with white chest and amber eyes, Mom is patchwork with cracked glass eyes!
This is the first litter for these two parents so we are not able to guesstimate puppy size.
Mom is smaller weighing in at 55lbs, and stands 22" at the shoulder.
Dad is larger weighing 79lbs standing 25 " at the shoulder.
So, size would be somewhere in between them!
These puppies are not registered.
Ready to go! Born March 17th
$500 non-refundable deposit required to hold your puppy.
He comes with:
2 set of shots
3 Deworming
Vet Health Check
Puppy Package: Collar, small bag of food, toys and a blanket that smells like mamma
Lifetime breeder support
These puppies are sold as PET ONLY - on a non breeding contract.
References available upon request.
Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!
Follow us @ Dog Gone Puppies on FB

2 weeks 4 days ago

Move now $80
Pure Bred Great Pyrenees
Female not fixed
3 years old
Vaccinated and de wormed
Excellent watch dog
Needs lots of place to run
Located in Drumheller

2 weeks 5 days ago

We have 13 super adorable mixed breed puppies looking for new homes! These puppies will be ready for new homes as of June 15, 2022, and will come with first set of shots.
There are 2 different litters here. One mother is an Australian Shephard, Border Collie cross and the other mother is a Maremma cross. The sire to both is a Great Pyrenees, Chocolate Lab cross.

2 weeks 5 days ago

We are very excited to be offering spots for our highly anticipated litter of Weimaraners !!!
We breed strong german bloodlines that are natural hunters, our dogs hunt birds, waterfowl, small game.
All puppies are introduced to hunting, tracking, retrieving & agility.
Tails are done to breed standard, dew claws, pet insurance, up to date vaccines and deworming, vet checked, lifetime breeder support, loaded puppy pack, microchipped, health guarantee, all documents from birth, free babysitting when they are adults & you want to take that vacation :) puppies come litter box trained for a fast and easy transition to house training. Our puppies are raised with kids, other dogs & different livestock to make them well rounded, respectful and loving forever friends

2 weeks 6 days ago

*female is sold * Mom is pyreneese/rottie and dad is cane corso asking 500. Comes with shots and are ready to go july 10th :) pm for more info. 2 pups female is brown male is the black fluffy one. Can deliver to calgary.

3 weeks 59 min ago

5 Puppies ready to go
Mom is a Great Pyrenees/Boxer cross
Dad is a Border Collie
3 females and 2 males
Vet checked, 2nd set of needles, dewormed, and flea/tick treatment
They are 3 months old

3 weeks 21 hours ago

American bulldog cross austrailian shepherd
Mom is a calm sweet 2 year old brindle American bulldog purebred with a good temperament and an excellent conformation. She's on the smaller side at approx 60lbs. But still strong as an ox.
Dad is a purebred tri blue merle (shows merle moreso than tri)aussie from working lines with a natural dock. Hes just as happy being put to work as he is being a couch potatoe
Both dogs are farm raised, pups will have shots be raised around children, livestock and cats, and socialized.
Pups should be in 50-70lb range stocky
built, and just as intelligent as the parents.
Plenty of time to plan for your new addition
Text or email preffered.

3 weeks 1 day ago

I am selling 6 Great Pyrenees/ German Shepherd Puppies
All of the puppies are female
The Father is a pure Great Pyrenees and is large. He will guard, but is a very calm tempered dog with the people he knows. The mother is 3/4 Pyrenees and 1/4 German Shepherd and is very sweet and gentle. She is a really nice dog, and they both watch the property during the night
These types of dogs are excellent guard dogs, but the Pyrenees breed is known to be very gentle with its owners and with children. They are also great dogs for surviving in harsh winter conditions, having a double coat.
They will protect your property from intruders in the case of theft; and do great on acreages protecting livestock as well.
This breed is also great for a calm and cuddly pet who is very loving.
These puppies will come with their first set of shots, dewormer, and delivery depending on where you are
I often travel to Edmonton area, but am located in Edson
Call or text Luke at 587-336-6789 for more information

3 weeks 2 days ago

Pure bred border Collie, one year old, all shots,spayed . Very nicely manard ready to go be your next cattle dog, and companion for the whole family.

3 weeks 3 days ago

We have 10 adorable puppies looking for a new home. They will be ready to go on August 2. There are 6 girls, and 4 boys available; 7 blonde and 3 black. They are 3/4 Golden Retriever, 1/8 Lab and 1/8 Springer Spaniel.
Not all puppies are shown in pictures above. More pictures are available upon request.
Raised on our farm, just Northeast of Red Deer, the puppies will have exposure to cats, chickens and other livestock. They will be socialized with children as well.
Mom is 1/2 Golden Retriever, 1/4 Lab and 1/4 Springer Spaniel. She is a sweet, gentle, obedient, well tempered dog. She has a unique brindle-colored coat and weighs 70 lbs.
Dad is a purebred golden retriever. He is a very loving boy and is great with people and is so gentle and calm. He is roughly 80 lbs. He has a beautiful medium blonde toned coat.
Mom will be available to meet when you come check out the puppies.
The pups will come with a vet check and their first set of shots and deworming. They will also be sent home with a puppy package (puppy food, blanket or stuffy with mom's scent, and a dog toy).
Asking price: $600.00
Now accepting a $300 deposit to hold your puppy of choice. Deposit placed gives you 1st pick, 2nd pick, etc...of male or female in order of deposits recieved.

3 weeks 4 days ago

We have 6 beautiful " Great Bernese Mountain Dog " puppies.(3 males, and 3 females) These puppies have a small hint of " Great Pyrenees" in them from they're mom. A beautiful 125 approx. Pd. dog. She has been a doting mother to her pups and is an amazing family pet. She is always on alert!and very protective of our family as a whole. Father is a beautiful purebred " Bernese Mountain Dog". He is also an amazing family pet and very healthy. He weighs approximately 115 PDS. All have be regularly dewormed. If you have any questions or are interested in reserving a pup, were asking for a $325.00 deposit. The pups full cost is $1175.00. My text is 587-444-3273. Tammy. I'll normally respond by the end of each day.

3 weeks 5 days ago

We have designer pups. Making these " Bernese Mountain Dogs " a perfect mix. The mother is Bernese Mountain Dog with abit of Great Pyrenees in her. The dad is purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. The mom is a perfect guard dog and also exceptional with children. She is always on alert. She's been a very doting mother to the pups as well. Any questions you have please contact Tammy at 587-444-3273. You can text me and I'll respond by the end of the day. We are asking for a 325.00 deposit to hold your pup. There's 3 boys and 3 girls. Thank you.

3 weeks 5 days ago

4 puppies looking for new homes, mom is great pyranese dad is mastiff they were born April 30th 2022, they come with vet check vaccinations and dewormed. The 2 fluffy ones are boys the 2 shorter hair are girls, they have been outside since they were born and come inside a couple times a day to eat and play. Mom is a great livestock guardian and dad is a spoiled indoor big baby. The puppies have gentle quiet temperments and are learning quick.....for more info feel free to call or text.

3 weeks 5 days ago

Our Purebred Red Golden Retrievers Jake & Nora had a beautiful litter of 7 Dark red golden retriever puppies. 3 girls and 4 boys.
Our dogs are family dogs raised on our farm around young children, other dogs, cats, & livestock. They both have kind and loving temperaments. Nora is very patient and has let our daughter dress her up and do her hair. Jake loves his humans and loves his daily hugs.
Jake is 5 and has sired 2 previous happy healthy litters. His mom is CKC registered and his dad could be but the owners never submitted the paperwork.
Nora is 2 and her dad is CKC registered but her mom was not.
Our puppies are 10 weeks old and have had their first set of vaccines and dewormer. Puppies have been overlooked by our vet with no concerns.
Our puppies are played with daily and will begin their basic training until they find loving homes.
Brown - Girl Pink - Girl Grey - boy Yellow - boy Blue - boy Green - boy
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I can send videos of the pups and the parents or we can set up a time for you to come to our farm to see the puppies. We are located 1 hour NW of Edmonton
*if the ad is still up puppies are still available

3 weeks 6 days ago

Come meet these gorgeous pups!
They would love to go to forever home on an acreage or somewhere with a large backyard!
Dad is a purebred Anatolian Shepard who is 150 lbs. Mom is a Black Lab who is 80 lbs.
First shots included
Ready to go to their new homes August 1st
$800 for black
$1000 for brown

1 month 1 day ago

We have four beautiful males and one adorable female up for adoption in the next few months. These pups were born July 10th and would be ready for their ew homes early September. Mom is 3/4 Pyrenees and 1/4 Maremma and dad is pure bread Pyrenees. The touch of maremma makes for sweet soft fur. $800 each. Located 10 minutes north of Stony Plain, AB.

1 month 1 day ago

Thor is a male Caucasian Shepherd and Akita mix. Father is a purebred Caucasian Shepherd (Ovcharka) and mother is purebred American Akita. Would be best suited for an acreage or farm. Going to be the best guard dog for property or livestock, he will be a very large dog and is already showing great guarding traits at 5 and a half months old. Has 1st and 2nd shots. Message for more details. Located just outside of SW Calgary. He was born on Jan. 1/22

1 month 2 days ago

Our Pure Bred Red Golden Retrievers Jake & Nora had a beautiful litter of 7 Dark red golden retriever puppies. 3 girls and 4 boys.
Our dogs are family dogs raised on our farm around young children, other dogs, cats, & livestock. They both have kind and loving temperaments. Nora is very patient and has let our daughter dress her up and do her hair. Jake loves his humans and loves his daily hugs.
Jake is 5 and has sired 2 previous happy healthy litters. His mom is CKC registered and his dad could be but the owners never submitted the paperwork.
Nora is 2 and her dad is CKC registered but her mom was not.
Our puppies are 10 weeks old and have had their first set of vaccines and dewormer. Puppies have been overlooked by our vet with no concerns.
Our puppies are played with daily and will begin their basic training until they find loving homes.
Brown - Girl
Pink - Girl
Grey - boy
Yellow - boy
Blue - boy
Green - boy
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

1 month 4 days ago

German Shepard, black lab , a bit st. Bernard and Pyrenees. Mother is a very friendly farm dog! Need them gone so the more you take the cheaper they get lol

1 month 5 days ago

Friendly farm puppies.
2- males 1-female (white)
Mother is Komondor/ Great Pyrenees. Very loyal and loving.
Father is Border Collie. Smart and intelligent cattle dog.
These pups are good with kids and are adorable.