Pictures Below (5 pup litter) 4 Females, 1 Male Chocolate Red Female: Sold 1 of 2 Brown Wolfy Female: Sold Red Merle Female: Sold 2 of 2 Wolfy Female: Sold 1 Male available Wolfdogs are a canine breed of dog that consist of Grey Wolf, with varying percent

Pictures Below
(5 pup litter) 4 Females, 1 Male
Chocolate Red Female: Sold
1 of 2 Brown Wolfy Female: Sold
Red Merle Female: Sold
2 of 2 Wolfy Female: Sold
1 Male available ( 3 months old, Huge puppy. Very sweet. )
Wolfdogs are a canine breed of dog that consist of Grey Wolf, with varying percentages of domesticated dog in an individual bloodline.
This ranges from Low Content 10% to 49%, Mid content; 50% to 74%, Upper Mid 75% to 84%, and High Content, 85% to 95%+
Wolfdogs are amazing animals, and can be some of the best parts of your life. With the right owner, training, and resources, they will be excellent dogs brought in to your life.
The photos show the puppies (on top), and the probable adult appearance on the bottom row for reference, on the grid photo
These dogs are not like a regular dog; they take dedication, time, a meat diet with varying other foods, and a well built enclosure. And of course exercise, exploring and a loving home.
These dogs are very stigmatized, misunderstood, and by the majority of the population, who have never seen or lived with Wolfdogs.
They are not guard dogs, and do not protect in their nature; they look out for their own survival as in nature. Any threat is avoided and they will resort to escaping or running away before confronting it. They will only instinctively guard them self if cornered and if a person is intentionally going at them.
The type of enclosure these dogs have to have, or are able to build, is an 8ft tall enclosure with dig guards and a shelter.
Low contents, such as these pups, can have a 6ft enclosure, but dig guards are still advised so they don’t dig out.
They have a long lifespan so they will be a part of your family for 13, 14 years and they can live longer depending on the dog.
They will need a meat diet. Dog food can be incorporated as well.
But they must eat around 25% raw meat as they are a quarter Gray Wolf.
They are exceptionally intelligent. They learn fast, but they do not have the recall like dogs as they weren’t bred for thousands of years to do so. They are smarter in the way they perceive their surroundings and calculate the next move or know what a person is trying to do. They are observant.
This mix:
The Father of these puppies is named Jasper; he is a Blue Merle, Blue Eyed dog who’s genetic make up is 50% Australian Shepherd, 38% Border Collie, 12% Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog)
He is a cuddly, outgoing, adventurous and loving dog. He is sweet, smart, and loves exploring.
He is the offspring of selective breeding, and I have had him since he was born.
He was bred as a mix breed to increase genetic diversity with the aims of an athletic dog, with breeds that all have a long lifespan. He was also bred for intelligence, and outgoing personality.
Jasper has a long coat which helps in the elements. He loves hiking and road tripping. He also loves jumping in the snow and swimming in the water.
The Mother of these puppies is Juniper.
She is about 45% Gray Wolf, with about 50% Malamute, and the rest being trace breeds.
She is a very loving Wolfdog, who is smart, cuddly, active, loves people she knows, and loves other dogs.
She is so friendly to other dogs, you will see her trying to be friends with them and licking their face, and trying to play.
Juniper is an adorable girl.
She prefers to be with people that she knows and is extremely loving to them. She will walk in public fine, but doesn’t like big commotion crowds.
Juniper also likes to warm up to people she doesn’t know first before petting or hugging. She is a bit shy towards strangers sometimes. But once she knows you she is as loving as can be.
She loves car rides and road trips and will stick her head out of the window when driving.
She also loves hiking and enjoys the views.
Juniper is quite attentive to her surroundings and notices the birds, Sky and trees. She will watch bees on flowers and respond to the barks of dogs in the distance with alert ears and face.
She is a pretty quiet girl and doesn’t bark much at all.
She only howls or barks when she misses Jasper or me and wonders where her friend or owner went if alone.
The pups:
This mix is extremely rare, with only a few Wolfdogs with Australian Shepherd or Collie in their mix.
The Merle gene is exceptionally rare; I have only seen about 8 Blue Merle Wolfdogs online
I have come across only 2 Red Merle Wolfdogs ever on the internet (From the same litter). So there is a chance she is one of three. Probably less than 5 on earth if there are any others.
A Solid Red Aussie is a very rare coat, being the most unlikely for a pup to be born with.
The Black and Brown coloured coat tends to create a more Wolfy appearance as the pups get older.
Though the bodies of each will have traits of each Wolf and domestic dog.
The genetics of these pups will create intelligent pups, who are built to survive the elements, are athletic, healthy, and loving pups that are great indoor or outdoor dogs.
The pups will be about 20-25% Gray Wolf
This is better for first time Wolfdog owners.
Some Wolfdogs can be skittish/shy of people they do not know, and some people end up with Wolfdogs like this, without knowing. This can be a reason why some people end up giving up their Wolfdog. People should know this before buying a Wolfdog
Some Wolfdogs are also destructive, and will chew and wreck things in your house, such as cords, couches, beds, walls, and furniture.
Other Wolfdogs can have prey drive for small animals such as squirrels and rabbits. Though often do perfectly fine with dogs and cats, and especially ones they are raised with.
However Wolfdogs should not be left alone with cats or rabbits they do not know, as they may try to kill and eat them. This is just natural as Wolves will eat scurrying things in the wild, and dogs often like to do the same.
Wolves and Wolfdogs are also intuitive, emotional and loving animals.
The content will be better for some because it will mean not having strictly meat, but they can also have dog food added in to their diet as well.
The Black and White Collie Color or Merle coat can be helpful, because if it does escape they won’t be mistaken as a Coyote which saves them from getting shot by a farmer.
The trainability will be easier from the Collie, Aussie, and Heeler (All cattle dogs and all in the top smartest dogs on earth.) These are also all in the top longest lifespan dog breeds.
You will probably be able to bring them more places with you and potentially be better off leash with recall.
Usually there is a 1-2 year wait list for Wolfdogs, and also with few in Canada, people who own Wolfdogs often opt for USA lines.
In buying a Wolfdog, a breeder will screen buyers, as they can’t just go to any home that would take them like a regular dog.
Many people want them, but only few are capable, or are the type of person who’s lifestyle is suitable to have a Wolfdog for its life.
Shipping from the states is expensive $1000-$1,500
This is a rare opportunity having Wolfdog puppies ready for homes, without a 1-2 year wait, or expensive shipping prices.
Best homes will be selected when finding the homes for these pups, Phone call, and a signed sale agreement
Brown Pups $3,000
Merles and Red $3,500
I will sell him for less on one agreement
Pups are 9 weeks and ready to go to homes.
If a person changed their mind after owning it, and wants to get rid of it; Wolfdog would have to be returned via return contract so I will find it a good home and it does not end up at Yamnuska or sold out to someone sketchy.
These are truly beautiful pups, once in a lifetime find; and will make an amazing addition to lives of the right home.
There will be an information about Wolfdogs PDF and a purchase agreement, upon selecting a good home for each of these pups
Feel free to inquire: Call 587-336-6789