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Potential Shed design that could be modified into a small DIY greenhouse

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Idea for a roof frame and potential DIY Greenhouse roof

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CALF SHELTER 8’X16’ (6' FRONT 4' BACK) (MODEL #53713000-181,182,183 | SKU #235212)

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10'X16' CATTLE SHELTER (8' FRONT 6' BACK) (MODEL #BOL53713000-119,128@ | SKU #413181)


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Variety of Livestock Shelters available in Western Canada

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Sharing various Greenhouse design ideas, including everything from apartment mini-greenhouse, square bale green house, to large scale greenhouse designs for farms and commercial growing.

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Charlene Foster-Lohstraeter   Horse quality rounds. 5x5.5 hardcore. Baled dry. Come and have a look. Alfalfa, Timothy, Brome mix. No clover. Call Joe. 780-645-2772 Loading available weight 1300-1400 Normally make squares with this. Great hay!   $80 · Smoky Lake County, AB Round bales

Jen Beatson King   12-1300 lb Round Bales 2020. Pick up only. No rain, tested at under 15 and ranging 13-14 moisture content. Good horse and cattle hay. $75 · Delburne, AB Round Hay Bales

Heather Moellering   Mixed grass (brome/timothy/alfalfa/fescue) hay. 1300 lbs bales, net wrapped. Most baled dry with no rain. Have a few with a shower the day it was cut. Over 300 available. $80 picked up. Can also deliver within an hour or so of home. We are located between Thorhild and Clyde (about an hour north of Edmonton). Please call or text Bob at 780-349-9448. I'm just posting for him so don't have answers to most of your questions. $80 · Thorhild County, AB

Vince Bieganek   40 bales Mostly timothy bales , theres some clover in a few and some alfalfa in a few , the bales are off new seeding , very little weeds , baled dry , can load and haul ( if needed for a rate ) $80 · Camrose County, AB Timothy hay

Tristan Cipywnyk Round hay bales for sale, 300 bales still available $60 a bale $60 · Edson, AB Hay for sale

Riley Camber 2d Hard core bales 4’ high 5’wide ... alfalfa brome Timothy mix ... some red clover   $25 · Smoky River No 130, AB 4’x5’ hardcore bales

Kraig Tams August 25 Nice soft grass/ Timothy bales
1150 lbs
Can deliver $125 · Red Deer County, AB

Tory Bleackley   Excellent Quality Green, fine stem Round Hay Bales 160 Bales of: 10% Alfalfa, 70% Timothy, 20% Clover
100 Bales of: 30% Alfalfa, 40% Timothy, 30% Clover
100 Bales of: 30% Alfalfa, 50% Timothy, 20% Clover No rain put up dry
Low Moisture
1340 lb avg
Net wrapped hardcore bales Delivered pricing below (40-44 Bale semiload):
Calgary – $110/Bale
Edmonton – $115/Bale
Entwistle or Ardrossan - $120/Bale
Edson - $130/Bale
Lethbridge - $135/Bale
Hinton - $140/Bale
Send me your location for delivered pricing
You can private message me or call/text 403-589-0638 $110 · Caroline, AB Excellent Green fine stem Hay - Lower Alfalfa, Grass bales put up NO RAIN

Tracy Mills   Various hay for sale. No Chemicals. Weight approx 55-60lbs each;-
- Alfalfa/Timothy mix. No rain, baled dry $7 each
- Timothy/Fescue/mixed grass, some red clover. No rain, baled dry $6 each
- Fescue/clover/mixed grass. Rained on swath, baled dry $4 each.
Tarped and ready to go, pickup from stack.
Call or text 403 968 9389 or 403 968 9386 $7 · Rocky Mountain House, AB Hay, small squares

Tory Bleackley   Excellent Quality Round Hay Bales - Great Feed test results coming - see test Located outside Spruce View, AB 60% Alfalfa, 40% Timothy
No rain put up dry
11-14% Moisture
1240 lb avg
Hardcore net wrapped Delivered pricing below (40-44 Bale semiload): Calgary – $110/Bale
Edmonton – $115/Bale
Entwistle or Ardrossan - $120/Bale
Edson - $130/Bale
Lethbridge - $135/Bale
Hinton - $140/Bale Send me your location for delivered pricing You can private message me or call/text 403-589-0638 $110 · Red Deer, AB Excellent Hay Bales - 60% Alfalfa, 40% Timothy Delivered pricing below

Kim Evans 1d 5’ x 5’ round hay bales Approx. 1000 lbs 30-40 % Alfalfa, the remainder is Timothy and Brome. Rained on once the day after it was baled. Raked and baled dry. Can load. No deliveries. No holds. 15 minutes SW of Leduc. Please PM me for any further details. $55 · Edmonton, AB ROUND HAY BALES -15 mins SW of LEDUC

Daniel Wiltse Timothy mix rounds 700 available. Asking 60$. Will drop depending on volume purchased. $50 · Fox Creek, AB Hay bales

 Colton Goodkey August 25 Have 150 grass squares available. These bales are baled nice and dry 10-12 percent moisture.
Nice long soft grass will be good for horses. Green inside and out.
Have them in bundles of 20 for simple loading
If your looking for a cost effective bale these will do the job
Bales are approx 65 lbs
Will deliver for additional 1$ per bale
Located near Blackhawk golf course $7 · Edmonton, AB Excellent grass hay  

Karin Schilling   Five rounds, grass hay purchased from Hay Broker in Calgary 2019 and paid a lot of money for them last year Big bales, hard core, maybe 1400 lbs Timothy and orchard grass, on pallets and covered. Last two pictures taken today, my horses got into one and preferred that over the pasture, you can see it is nice and green on the inside  MUST TAKE ALL, $300.00 can load. Located corner of Highway 2 and Highway 37 +2 $300 · Sturgeon County, AB 5 grass rounds

Carolyn Carbrey Ellis   I have three round bales of good quality horse hay for sale. You must be able to load as we do t have equipment for that. Bought this year but don’t need as we had to sell our horses. $80 · Strathmore, AB Round bales of horse hay

Belinda M Hansen   Cow hay. I had bought for the horses and didnt use it all so not horse hay. 12 available 1100lbs when bought. $30 · Rocky Mountain House, AB 2019 cow hay

Greg Totton August 25 Please delete if not allowed posting for a buddy who doesn’t have Facebook he has about 600 hay bales no rain 1500 pounds maybe little more or little less these bales are located at reward Saskatchewan can load asking 120 each more you take lesser the price no rude comments must call him 1306-228-8474 his name is jay DONT WASTE HIS TIME if serious call him for information and that $120 · Halkirk, AB Round hay bales

Ryan Thomas   Second cut meadow brome grass mix. Has some sainfoin as well as a mix of grasses. No rain baled dry. Moisture from 8-12%. Really nice horse hay. 250bales avg wt 1361lbs
$150/ton on semi loads
Medicine Hat area $150 · Medicine Hat, AB Second cut meadow brome grass mixture

Kim Betournay   Cut and baled dry not rained on! Good quality horse hay. Fiscus, Brome some red clover. Pick up near Breton can load. $80 · Brazeau County, AB Horse hay 1500 lb rounds

Jim Klys   1st cut Mixed Hay, alfalfa 30%, 70% Timothy & orchard.
Shredded & stored on the tarp.
Had 1mm rain on shortly after cutting, baled dry.
Square bales in same hay $8 $80 · Mountain View County, AB Round & Square bales  

Liz Hickey 100 bales of 1st cut hay of alfalfa brome mixture. Located in the Crestomere area. Posting for someone please call Jay at (780)405-7181 for information. $65 · Ponoka County, AB 100 Bales of 1st cut hay

Cori Kuzyk   Beautiful grass hay bales, put up with no rain. In awesome shape, horse quality! Approximately 1200lbs +/- Located near Newbrook. Cash discount for large quantities. Hauling available for additional fees. Call Cori at 1 (780) 777-9345 +4 $60 · Thorhild County, AB Grass hay bales

Mitch Dunz 1d Clean 72 inch net wrapped wheat straw
$30 $30 · Wetaskiwin County No 10, AB Wheat straw

Cori Kuzyk 1d I have Alfalfa Timothy grass mixed bales for sale. Put up in beautiful condition. Cash discount available for larger amounts. Located near Newbrook.Hauling available for additional fee. Call Cori at 1 (780) 777-9345 +3 $70 · Thorhild County, AB Alfalfa Timothy grass mixed bales, no rain.

Luke Wrubleski   Custom round baling with JD 5x6 round baler, mesh wrap. Based in Leduc and Wetaskiwin counties, willing to travel, message for details. No problems with rotary straw. $12 · Leduc County, AB Custom Straw Baling

Anne Melnyk 3d Hay, no rain horse hay average 1165 lbs. Feed analysis available. $70
cow hay most with no rain some with one small shower. Average 1193 lbs $55
Feed analysis available.
Net wrap large rounds (5.5ft)
No dust no mold.
Will load
Located between Rocky Mountain House and Caroline. +2 $55 · Clearwater County, AB

Eric Sekura 2d First cut hay off of a bee hay field, large amount of volunteer canola (~50%). Put up dry without rain, bales average 14-15% moisture. 1,000-1,100 lb bales, net wrapped. Asking $40 a bale, volume discount available. Approximately 300 bales available. Contact Eric at 403-504-9452
Or Alan at. 403-332-3526 Located North of Taber, AB. $40 · Taber, AB First Cut Hay (With Volunteer Canola)

Anthony Willems Small square barley green (gold) feed bales.
Cut late.
$5.00 obo per bale. $5 · Wheatland County, AB Small square barley bales  

Shae Copithorne August 25 Horse hay for sale.
Absolutely no alfalfa in it and no rain on it. 20% Timothy and brome and 80% native fescue grass. Perfect winter Mainenance feed for horses.
1150 lb net wrapped bales. $110/bale plus delivery. Lower price for orders over 20 bales. Cochrane area.
Contact John 403-650-7327 $110 · Cochrane, AB

Rod English August 25 20% Liquid Molasses Summer Supreme will help add condition to your cow herd and help increase weaning weights, at a very affordable all in one supplement. For more detailed info call Rod (780)307-2531. $123 · Westlock County, AB

Darius Nikkel 3d Only 100 bags left going quick. All lots have been germ tested and range from 93%-96%. No noxious weeds. Bags are 50 pounds each. Selling for $100 per bag. $100 · Coaldale, AB Meadow brome grass seed  

Amanda MacMillan   130 Round bales for sale. 50/50 grass alfalfa mix (brome timothy orchard). Cut Aug. 2 - baled Aug. 6. No rain. 1300-1400lbs. $65 Mike 780-210-0787 $65 · Edmonton, AB

Darius Nikkel August 25 Looking to see if anyone is buying barley right now. Got it checked out yesterday protein is 13.5 and weight is 57.2 pounds per bushel. Let me know if your interested. $99,999 · Coaldale, AB Looking to sell some barley off the field

Kevin Karambowich 3d 2020 Small squares.
Mostly Grass with some Alfalfa.
$6 pickup in the yard.
Delivery can be arranged for extra fee depending on quantity and distance.
403 471 9963 $6 · Wheatland County, AB Hay For Sale  

Vern Slonowski August 25 Hay for sale. New holland baler. 1300lbs. One rain. Not raked. 50% alfalfa .In field . Baled early August. Not feed tested .
780-645-1403 located at St. Paul . Next to hi way .
Call or text. I unfortunately don’t have time for messenger . $60 · Edmonton, AB 140 hay bales

Derrick Smith 3d 1500 lb net wrap bales. Put up dry. Nice and green, clean feed. Located south of Grande Prairie in Grovedale. Call or text 780.814.2747 delivery available $55 · Greenview No 16, AB Cow hay - alfalfa, timothy and minimal clover  

Raymond Konstapel 6d 180 large rounds for sale. 75% alfalfa with brome, Timothy and clover. Had a 2 tenths of rain but put up dry and lots of green. 5.5x5ft bale. Baled with case RB564 baler. Discount if you take them all. Can provide tractor to load. Call or text 7808645103
Located NW of spirit river. +3 $40 · Spirit River, AB

B.j. Schlenker 4d 150 Round cow hay bales
1300lbs. $60 each
Caroline area $60 · Caroline, AB

Lana Rosentreter 2d Great horse hay. Good heavy tight bales. 60-70lbs 40 % Alfalfa, Timothy grass hay bales for sale.
$8.00a bale
Over 2600 bales. $8 · Ponoka, AB Horse Hay

Brenda Bennett 1d Made with a John Deere 569. Full size bales net wrapped. This is from hailed out Barley crop. 100 bales. Call 403-357-8161. East of Innisfail. $25 · Innisfail, AB Straw bales

Dave Miller 22h Niton junction area, anyone looking for oat green feed, underseeded with alfalfa and grass mix. Lots of alfalfa and clover shoots..dry great shape. 5'x5' bales $123 · Brazeau County, AB Oat greenfeed

Danielle Hammon- Bourgoin 1d 1200-1300lb Timothy, Alfalfa & grass mix bales this years hay tested under 16% about 220 bales $50 · Valleyview, AB 1200-1300lb Timothy, Alfalfa & grass mix bales  

Monica Langlois 6d 200+ bales at $5;(mostly grass, some dandelion, no rain )and $6;(mix as stated,swath rained on, baled dry)
and $7 (no rain 50/50 mix brome/alfalfa
Call Craig 403 630 0384 $5 · Strathmore, AB Square bales  

Shalon Myers - August 25 Square hay bales mix of Timothy, Orchard and Brome grass. Baled dry and stacked in the shed. $6 each. Located NE of Rocky Mountain House. PM for more info. $6 · Clearwater County, AB

Kevin Karambowich Small Squares, Horse Quality.
$6/Bale. $7/Bale Delivered within Wheatland County.
403 471 9963 $6 · Wheatland County, AB

Kieran Moore 6d Soft core rounds, 700-800lbs. Cut and bailed with no rain. Can load, 100 available. $30 · Big Lakes County, AB

Lucas Poitras 1d Baled dry, no rain, and first cut. Moisture teat read from 7-14%. Approximately 1350lbs. Baled tight 65 inch. Have more grassy bales and more alfalfa bales. Located near dewberry $85 · Vermilion River County, AB

Shawna Vig 4d 150 Bales available.
Put up dry. No rain. Mixed hay. Timothy, alfalfa, fescue, minimal clover. Tested under 14.5.
664 New Holland Baler. 1425 lbs. Good for horses.
Can load.
Drayton Valley area. Call 780-542-0602
Posting for a friend. Will not reply to ad. :) $60 · Drayton Valley, AB Good Quality Round bales

Tracy Steffler 5d Both cow and horse hay available for sale, 30-50% alfalfa, nice hay. 6’ bales, twine and net wrap available. Asking $75-$95 per bale. Call or text Rob 403-638-1390 +3 $75 · Cremona, AB

Lynn Olson 2d Excellent 1200lb round bales. Alfalfa/grass mix. Call or text Jim at (780) 689-1110. Can load. $70 · Athabasca, AB Hay bales

Jennifer Malone Looking for Straw bales. Will haul. Message me with what you have available.
Thks!! $30 · Lesser Slave River No 124, AB ISO Straw Bales

Jed Williams August 24 2020 harvest of alfalfa has begun +6 $2 · Big Arm No 251, SK Alfalfa seed

Scott Proudfoot August 24 Baled dry. Very nice feed. Net wrap Brome and crested wheat mix (about 1300lbs) 300 bales available Brome, crested wheat, and about 25% alfalfa (weigh about 1450lbs) 250 bales available $125/ton Call Scott 780-919-3396

Jamie Rogers August 24 Very nice and dry square bales for sale, no rain. Dried and baled during the heat on August 19th, 2020. Mix of timothy, brome, native/red clover, and about 10% alfalfa. Located 10 min from Ardrossan, east of Sherwood Park, in Strathcona County $7.50/bale Delivery is available or extra. 780 203-0125
Thank you $750 · Strathcona County, AB Mixed Hay: Small Square Bales for Sale

Tyler Zielke August 24 New 2020 cerial grain / pea straw square bales for sale Will have 3000-5000 bales of 3x4 and or 4x4 wheat and barley straw for sale. Stacked in the corner of the field will be $45 per short ton. All around glenwood / hillspring area. Have 650 bales of pea straw in 3x4 (429 bales) and 4x4 (221 bales) for sale as well located just south of pincher creek. $44 per short ton. Great for feeding if need be and or bedding. Can deliver for extra cost. ...See More $45 · Pincher Creek No 9, AB New 2020 Large square bales

Richard Graeme Stamper August 24 2020 Small Square Timothy Hay Bales No rain, stored in shed straight after baling. $6-$7 a bale, delivery available for over 300 bales. Message or call 780-953-6821 +2 $7 · Leduc County, AB Small Hay Bales

Danielle Peterson August 24 Alfalfa/Timothy/Brome horse quality hay ; No rain , 60lb bales ,
8-10% moisture , No Delivery
$7 at stack just east of Chestermere Hwy 1 & Hwy 9 $7 · Chestermere, AB Horse Hay

Dan Hofer August 24 Harvest 2020 is just around the corner and I will be making small square wheat straw bales again this year. If anybody is needing some you can call or txt me put you’re orders in 7803854412
Asking $4 per bale. $4 · Flagstaff County, AB Wheat straw

Marlene Korver August 24 Orchard grass, Timothy and some alfalfa. 1200 lb. tarped for $65 and not tarped for $55 $65 · Rocky Mountain House, AB Round hay bales

Rhonda Wald August 24 800+ Mixed Hay Timothy, Brome,Alfalfa and fine grass mix! 2020 Hardcore Net Wrapped 68"tall × 62" wide.1400lb Average Weight Hay bales located on feild close to Woking! Some with light rain, most without! Excellent Cow feed! $65/Bale picked up in feild! VOLUME DISCOUNTS! CALL OR TEXT Rick at 780 814 2879 $55 · Saddle Hills County, AB 800+ 2020 Hardcore Hay bales in Woking Area!

Kathy Horsley-McKnight August 24 Farm Land For Sale
We have 160 acres of farm land for sale that is currently mostly in hay in the Flatbush area (In between Westlock and Slave Lake) NE-01-66-1-W5
Asking $300,000
Inquiries or questions please call
780-206-5127 $300,000 · Lesser Slave River No 124, AB Farm Land

Lindsay Enns August 24 Second cut small square alfalfa bales.
Baled, stacked and tarped dry. No rain.
Bales are approx. 60 lb.
No deliveries, must pick up. $7 · Vauxhall, AB 2020 Small Square Alfalfa Bales

Kevin Karambowich August 24 Small Squares near Gleichen.
403 471 9963 $6 · Wheatland County, AB Hay For Sale

Looking for Alfalfa mix round bales in the Rimbey/Breton area.
Contact 7806085749

Kraig Tams August 24 Straight Timothy
200 bales
Can deliver up to 53@ a time
$4/km one way $100 · Red Deer County, AB

Lucas Kulak August 24 I have first cutting bales for sale, 60/30/10 mixture of Timothy alfalfa and orchard grass, bales weigh between 60-65lbs all are dry and in the shed selling them at 6.50 pick up or 8 delivered within a 50km radius, feel free to pm me or call 7804997005 thanks located 5 minutes south west of stony plain $7 · Parkland County, AB Square bales for sale

Barry Peterson August 24 Small squares for sale. 80% alfalfa 20% Timothy. 60 lbs You tell us how many you want, we will bale them. No delivery. Cluny area. Fantastic hay! $10 per bale. 403-793-0771. $10 · Wheatland County, AB Small square alfalfa bales  

Gordon Gullon August 23 2020 Premium Horse Hay.
Timothy and Brome. NO Alfalfa.
500 bales to start. 5000 still growing in the field.
Cut in small batches to guarantee quality.
No rain, baled at 15% moisture or less.
60 pound bales. Stored in our hay shed in Sylvan Lake. Satisfaction guaranteed. +7 $8 · Red Deer County, AB Premium Horse Hay in Sylvan Lake. 2020 Timothy and Brome.

Lee Baranowski August 23 Hay – 80 timothy brome grass mix. Test at 13-14%. Put up dry. Approx. 1200 lbs . $60/bale +3 $60 · Fox Creek, AB

Kevin Wilson August 23 I have 63 bales that tested at 13%to 20% Moisture wanting 50 dollars per .then I have 30 really good horse hay that tested at 8.7%-13% no rain on it at all looking for 70 dollars each for it +6 $50 · Woodlands County, AB Round hay bales 1350lb-1400lb

Carver Klassen August 23 We have close to 600 bales of first cut, 400 of which have NO RAIN. It is all a beef mix, but is good for horses as well as they are around 60% alfalfa. Bales are between 1250 and 1350 lbs and are wrapped at 70"
Bales that have had no rain (400 available) are $80 per bale, the other 200 bales are $70 per bale. Bales that have been rained on were only rained on once the day after the hay was cut. Also have 350 Green feed wrapped 3x4 Square bales from last year. It was a new alfalfa field with a barley cover crop. Barley was cut in the dough stage. Was bailed at about 40% moisture, wrapped and stacked right away. Bales are 1700lbs asking $40 a bale OBO. Call Carver 403-505-8490 +5 $80 · Lacombe, AB 1st cut hay/Feed

Leah Diachuk August 23 $7 each in barn covered kitchen rain alfalfa Timothy brome approx 65lbs located in grovedale approx 20 mins south of grande prairie call Jamie 780-831-6976
No Alsike $7 · Grande Prairie, AB Square bales

Lowe Becky August 23 Timothy/brome/20% alfalfa
1100 lb rounds
Baled dry
Net wrapped
$85/bale pick up only
Text (780-405-6561)
60 bales available $85 · Strathcona County, AB 2020 1st cut hay

Chris Bonde August 23 Orchard Grass, Timothy, Fescue. Excellent Horse Feed. Baled green and dry. 1200 - 1300 lbs bales. $85 each, or $75 if you pick them from the field. No holds without payment. $75 · Rocky Mountain House, AB

Luke Wrubleski August 22 Hay for sale. Various grass mixes available, most with 1 rain and all baled dry. 1000 pound round bales, located Leduc, Kavanaugh, Pipestone area. Can load or deliver, message for details. $65 · Leduc County, AB

Jon Busaan August 22 Approx. 80 timothy / clover round bales for sale. 5.5' x 5', baled dry this year with a 535 baler (twine), and no rain on the swath. Located in the field south of Rimbey (for now). Please PM me if interested. $90 · Rimbey, AB Round hay bales

Jenine Chemelli August 22 High quality Oat Greenfeed. Baled dry with no rain. 1350-1400lbs. Nice and green. Delivery available with any sized load. We have a self unloading truck that can haul 17 and can offload without front end loader. Super b’s that can haul 40 per load and flat deck that’s can haul 1-11 bales. Loading available. Call 403-507-5826 for more info. $75/bale located just outside of Sundre. $70 · Sundre, AB Oat Greenfeed

Susie Turton August 22 Excellent hay for sale. No Rain. Timothy Alfalfa blend (~40% alfalfa). May have a little volunteer clover. Located in the Stauffer area, 420 bales available. 1200lb Bales. Can load, but no delivery. $70 per bale. $70 · Clearwater County, AB Excellent Hay for sale  

Greg Selzler August 22 Timothy,orchard grass,alfalfa,,in equal amounts,,,bales baled dry ,w with no rain ,very green.No weeds whatsoever.They are full site baled with a 567 JD baler.well over 1450 lbs. $100 · Mayerthorpe, AB Round hay bales

Jenine Chemelli August 22 Alfalfa, Timothy, Brome mix. Baled dry with no rain. Nice and green, excellent feed. 1350-1400lbs. Delivery available any size load. We have a self loading/unloading truck that can haul 17 bales and can offload without a front end loader. Super b’s available that can haul 40 a load. Flat decks that can haul 1 to 11 per load. Loading available. Call 403-507-5826 for more info. Price negotiable on large quanties. $80 · Sundre, AB Horse Quality Hay

Kelly Worthington August 22 We have horse quality round bales available, no rain, orchard grass, timothy, brome and about 10-15% alfalfa. Baled between 10-12% moisture. Bales are 1250-1350lbs. Located east of Airdrie, loading available but no delivery available - $85/bale $85 · Carstairs, AB Horse Quality Round Bale Hay for Sale - No Rain

Kelly Worthington August 22 We have small square hay bales available, no rain, orchard grass, timothy, brome and about 10-15% alfalfa. Baled between 10-12% moisture. Bales are 50-55lbs Located east of Airdrie, no delivery available - $8/bale $8 · Carstairs, AB Small Square Hay Bales for Sale - No Rain

Vince De Bruyn August 22 Haymaker oat green feed bales.
Loaded with oats. Cut in soft doe stage.
No rain. 75 available now. More later
Can load
Located in Chipman $50 · Chipman, AB Green feed.  

Zac Zorniak August 22 I have 450 small squares available. Mostly grass with some clover (less than 5%) and alfalfa (trace amounts), also thistle (10%). It's been a number of years since this field was cut. Great discounted feed for non picky animals. Baled dry with no rain. I already have my feed for the year or I would feed it to my goats. Asking 3.50 to 4.00 per bale, depending on quantity. 60 lb, 42" bales I'm located near Lamont, AB. Can deliver up to 290 at a time. All pending sold $4 · Lamont, AB Discounted Hay

Shaun Fedorchuk August 21 Hay bales
85% Timothy
15% alfalfa
Rolled up dry and no rain.
75 available
72” 1500-1600 lb twine wrap
Deliver is also available $65 · Greenview No 16, AB

Stacey Hannah August 21 Round bales approx 1200 lbs
65% alfalfa Timothy orchard grass
Bleached a bit
$65 a bale First come first serve Also many other types of hay available in:
Small squares
Large squares Pm me or call Rod @ 403 994 4192
Located east of Didsbury **Picture just for attention ** $65 · Didsbury, AB Round bales  

Chad Crest August 21 Grass / Timothy hay for sale
Put up dry
No Rain
Net wrap
Trucking Available 40@load
134 bales +2 $65 · Athabasca County, AB Timothy /grass hay  

Darla Gagyi August 21 Alfalfa 20%
Brome 30%
Wheat grass 15%
Orchard grass35%
60 pounds minimum ... See More $7 · Kneehill County, AB Small Square Hay bales

Shawna Vig August 21 150 Bales available.
Put up dry. No rain. Mixed hay. Timothy, alfalfa, fescue, minimal clover. Tested under 14.5.
664 New Holland Baler. 1400lbs. Good for horses.
Can load.
Drayton Valley area. Call 780-542-0602
Posting for a friend. Will not reply to ad. :) $60 · Drayton Valley, AB Good Quality round bales

Tetje Thea Bouius DeVries August 21 Second Cut Hay Bales. Mixture of Orchard Grasses, Timothy, Brome and Alfalfa. Had no rain on it, bailed dry. 1000-1100 Average weight. 64 Available. $80 · Onoway, AB Dairy and Horse Quality Second Cut Large Square Bales.

Paul Devlin August 21 $7 - $8, limited $7 bales, no rain, immediately shedded, baled 8-11%. Super hay fields. $7 · Red Deer County, AB Small Square Timothy Orchard Brome

Ryley Mader August 21 Cut and baled early, lots of leaf, no rain, mixture of Alfalfa/Sanfoin, orchard and brome grass. Very green in color. 1350-1400 lbs. Located west of Carstairs. Can load trailer or help arrange trucking. $85 · Carstairs, AB 100 Round Hay Bales

Jonis V Mikalouskis - August 21 I have some nice dry mixed hay for sale. About 50% alfalfa the rest is orchard grass brome and Timothy. Baled is about 1200 lbs . Bale are located just north of Sundre. We can load. If this add is up the hay is available. Also, have some bales at $60 but was rained on.

Glenda Davies-Cruywels - August 21 HAY all!!  we have excellent hay for sale if anyone is interested. 1200-1400lbs bales. Baled completely dry... it feels looks and smells AMAZING!! Contains Timothy Brome Orchard Clover. We are 30km east of Sherwood Park... we can load but cannot deliver. Only 34 bales left! Text me at 403-302-7680 if your interested!!

Erin High - August 21   About 300 1st cut 2020 hayledge bales, Cattle feed wrapped and ready to go. 4’ x 4’ and roughly 20% moisture. Mixed hay - mostly alfalfa with some Timothy and orchard grass. No rain. Feed tested - 12.3% crude protein. $60/bale. Please call Logan High for any inquiries 403-350-1263. Located within half-hour of Olds, Innisfail and Three Hills. $60 · Kneehill County, AB Hay For Sale

Meagan Hindes  - August 21   Hay For Sale
Timothy-Timothy alfalfa mix round bales.
Put up dry-cured. No Rain No Hail
Located north of Cochrane
Loading & delivery Available
$90 per bale
Please call

Byron James Kadatz  - August 21 We have 40 remaining soft core round bales. Baled dry with no rain the last week of July. Weighing 1050lbs. Hay is a mixture of 30-40% alfalfa and remaining is Timothy and brome. No delivery. Can load most evenings and weekends. $75 · Leduc County, AB Alfalfa, grass mix round bales

Bailey Klassen  - August 21 Alfalfa/Timothy/brome bales.
Large hardcore rounds.
No rain, baled dry. Some clover.
Located in Cleardale, AB.

Tamara Shaw - August 21   350 large hardcore round bales. $50. Alfalfa, brome, Timothy and clover. Baled at 72 inches. South of fairview ab. Call or text Derek at 780-835-8829 Only 50 horse hay rounds left! Alfalfa, Timothy, brome. $65 a bale. No rain.

Allyson Jordan - August 21 150 small squares left. Beautiful mixed grass, Timothy, and brome. Also another 50 pure Timothy left also. $5 · Small squares by Rimbey

Hannah O'Connor - August 21 Horse quality Timothy bales! Baled dry, no rain. Located East of Gibbons. $80 each delivery available. Pm for more details. $80 · Sturgeon County, AB

Casey Akkermans - August 21 Great feed. No rain. 85% Alfalfa, 15% Timothy. Good solid round bales. $70 a bale. Sylvan lake, Alberta. $70 · Red Deer County, AB ALFALFA HAY

Donna Costa  - August 21 Mostly grass, with little alfalfa. $40.00
70 to 80 percent alfalfa 10 to 15 percent Timothy 10 to 15 percent $80.00 $12,345 · Athabasca County, AB Round hay bales

Joe Medynski  - August 21 Excellent quality hay. No rain cut and made in 7 days. 1490lb 5x6’ hardcore bales, net wrapped. Lamont County. $100 · Lamont, AB

Aaron Wright  - August 21 Quality Horse Hay 1st cut
Timothy,Alfalfa, orchard grass mix
5’6” x 6’
1200 +lbs
Very nice hay put up dry
Approx 250 bales available
$100/bale $100 · Red Deer County, AB

Nikki Ree  - August 20 Good grass hay. Light rain. Still good hay. 40-50 bales available. Must be picked up. $75 Sold 34. Have some cow hay too. More weathered. $60. $75 · Lacombe County, AB

Wilf Pipke  - August 20 85% alfalfa and timothy round hay bales. Cut at the end of July and put up dry. Bales are 1400+ lb. Had one 2mm shower.Very nice hay. Can load but not haul. 300 available in the Busby Alberta area. $80 · Westlock County, AB 2020 first cut round hay bales

Nikki Ree - August 20 Last years grass hay. Fed to horses this past winter. 23 bales available. $60 · Lacombe County, AB

Jamie Stone Riehl - August 20 Clover, Timothy, Alfalfa, Native Grasses mix. No rain. No buttercups or daisies! Bales are appx. 60-65lbs. $7 · Edmonton, AB Square bales of HAY for sale

Dawn Armstrong - August 20 SPPU Approximately 300-350 round bales 70%Timothy /30% alfalfa with little orchard grass and volunteer clover. Approximately 1200lbs 5.5’.round bales. Baled between 9-12% moisture. Located west of Cremona Alberta $85 · Mountain View County, AB

B.j. Schlenker - August 20   Nice horse quality hay for sale.
Orchard timothy brome with 15% alfalfa mix. Nice soft hay put up dry with no rain. 1300 lb avg.
Loading available and can possibly deliver 14 bale loads in Cochrane area. $85 · Cochrane, AB Round Hay for Sale

Sue Crites - August 20 Premium Horse Hay for sale. 200 ~1400lb round bales. NO RAIN. Great for horses. Baled with JD 535's. Bales are approximately 5 feet wide X 6 feet in diameter. Moisture test <10%. Plenty of twine for long-lasting weathering. Timothy/ timothy brome mix, Timothy Brome, alfalfa. Alfalfa composition ranges from 5-20% bale. 35 Bales Canary grass. Loading from field. 1 mile from pavement 10 miles west of Athabasca. Must pick up. $80 each. $80 · Athabasca County, AB Premium Horse Hay

Jozien Angenent Timmermans - August 20 big rounds, net wrapped, in Bowden; grass-alfalfa mixture, or grass; $110.- NO rain it's 1st cut! we can load! give me a call 14038927432. $110 · Red Deer County, AB HAY for sale, excellent for HORSES!

Beverley White Eberle - August 20 Grass mix 5x6 hardcore bales approximately 17-1800 pounds excellent horse hay . Grass clover 5x6 hardcore approximately 17-1800 pounds good for cattle feed all done with no rain . Discount for long hauls or bulk buying will load. $68 · Dawson Creek, BC Hay

Tony Duckworth - August 20 We have 250 square bales for sale
Roughly 50/50 alfalfa and timothy some brome and fescue.
60 lbs give or take.
No rain and stored in barn.
7$/ bale first come first serve. $7 · Drayton Valley, AB Square hay bales

Kirk McComb - August 20 300+ bales weighing 13000-1400 lbs very little to no rain 8-16%moisture . Timothy grass mix with a little clover in the odd bale will do better price if you can load yourself in the field $60 · Yellowhead County, AB 2020 Timothy hay

Hannah O'Connor - August 20 Alfalfa and Timothy hay available
Quality varies $55-85 a bale
Most baled dry with no acid
Some tougher with acid All bales 65"x5' approx 1300lbs, hard core net wrapped. Loading available. Delivery possible $$ Located East of Gibbons, also have 600 bales in Thorhild County. $55 · Sturgeon County, AB Hay

Rem Cor Desjardins - August 20 Organic High Quality Horse Hay No Rain 75.00 and Cattle Hay for 70.00 . Discount for the Big quantity . Timothy , Broome and Alfafa. Located at near Nojack Area. 1400lbs to 1500lbs. Call/Text 780 318 1971 0r 780 740 5602. $75 · Edmonton, AB Organic High Quality horse Hay and Cattle Hay

Michelle Warden-Studer - August 20 Second cut small square bales. Alfalfa, brome, Timothy, orchard grass. 55 pounds average weight. No rain, no preservatives, no sprays. 8-10 percent moisture. Raked once. Stacked in shop. 8 dollars each. Between Eckville and Rocky. $8 · Eckville, AB Alfalfa/grass small squares

Bailey Klassen - August 20 Large, hardcore Alfalfa/Timothy/Brome bales. Some clover. Good quality, no rain. Asking $50/bale.
Cleardale, AB.
780-834-605five $50 ·Hay bales

Abe Redecop - August 20 $10 a bale
10 minutes west of Taber Tall fescue baled dry with zero rain average 60 pounds a bale. beautiful top quality horse hay. Young crop 30 days of growing Call or text 4036348781 $10 · Taber, AB high quality horse hay

Hay For Sale
60 Alfalfa grass mix hay bales. No Rain
$85.00 per bale.
Call 780-327-9309 for more info. $85 · Smoky Lake County, AB Hay For Sale

Loren Bura - August 19 Timothy Brome and some Alfalfa. Minimal clover. Approximately 55lb bales. Put up in July with no rain. $7 per bale. Evansburg area. Text or call 780 514 0002. 400 bales available. $7 · Edmonton, AB Square hay bales

Jessica Elizabeth - August 19 300 bales
40-50 lbs put up dry.
10 - 14% moisture.
Horse quality. also
75 tougher bales
Pick up only. $6 · Stettler, AB Squares bales

Jackie Cote Wagner - August 19 Leslieville north of Hwy 12
Square, dry, no rain, approx 60-70 lbs hay $7 · Clearwater County, AB Timothy/alfalfa/brome square bales

George Jackson - August 19 51 high quality hay bales. Baled dry, no rain. 1175 lbs. 30%alfalfa 30%Timothy 30%brome 10% orchard. We can help load.
Located near Evansburg.
780 918 4290 $70 · Parkland County, AB High quality hay

August 19 First cut 2020 round bales approximately 1400lbs for sale. Timothy/brome bales and Timothy/brome/alfalfa bales (approximately 30-40% alfalfa). No rain and baled dry. Located near Sylvan Lake and can load. Over 100 bales. Also, have 1400lbs bales same grass mix as above had some rain but baled dry. $70 bale $85 · Red Deer County, AB Round Bales

Discount depending on the amount of bales you buy. Put up dry.
Fantastic horse hay.
near Water Valley Ab.
Can load
Approx 12_1300lbs $100 · Rocky View County, AB Alfalfa/timothy Hay

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