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Welcome to the new "Ropin' the Web" site for Farmers and Producers

Are you frustrated that Alberta Ag is no longer running this? Well the Government SHOULDN'T be spending your tax dollars if there are private businesses willing to run the same service. And we're doing just that. There is an ALBERTA BASED alternative that's free and easy to use.

What happened to the old Ropin the Web site?

With the growth of other sites offering this service for free including Alberta's own TownPost site, there wasn't a need for it anymore.

We're asking Farmers and Producers to give us a chance to build a local privately owned alternative to the big American sites.

How do I join?

Simply click here to sign up (You may need an invite code from an existing member to get full access)

How do I post a lising

That's easy, once you sign up you can go to any group and start posting.

Stay in touch, and check back regularly as we will be posting Ag News regularly.

Farming the Web

The Alberta and Canadian Government gave a grant to AFIN to create Farming the Web since the Alberta Government no longer operates the old site. Unfortunately, they gave over $300,000 in grant money to an organization that will compete with the private industry. We reached out to Alberta Agriculture for more information about this but have not heard back yet.