I am putting an ad up for a female Kangal who is potentially, and probably pregnant. She bred with a male low content Wolfdog. These pups will be for dedicated people, those who live rurally, or have a big yard, and are able to provide food, and a loving

Pups born September 22nd, 2023.
Just ready to go to homes
Photos of the puppies, parents, Wolfdog lineage and ancestors below; as well as the pups probable adult appearances when their ears go up.
Pheebe is a female 100% Turkish Kangal who had these puppies. She bred with a male low content Wolfdog.
She had 10 pups that survived birth out of 12. So there are are a lot of pups to choose from; 3 males and 7 females.
1 available/left!
Available: Red Hidden Merle female.
-Brown Female: Homed
-Fawn Male with White Face Stripe: Homed
-Blue Merle Male: Homed
-Grey Merle Female 1: Homed
-Solid Brown Female with small white stripe: Homed
Brown Male: Homed
-Merle mottled female: Homed
-Black & White: Homed
-Black Female Wolfy pup: Sold
The rest of the litter all sold for $1,800 and were presold by 3 weeks old, but I had a person that backed out last minute as it wasn’t the right time for them to get a dog, so now I have 1 female available :)
Temperaments of available pups (All female):
-Red Hidden Merle with fawn coat: $800
She was actually the first one sold, but the person who was going to get her backed out as it wasn’t the right time for them to get a dog.
She is a very cuddly pup and loves people, and she would do good with a family, individual, or family with kids, indoors or outdoors. She really likes people and is a gentle sweet pup. She is chill and acts like a dog. Very affectionate towards people, but would also be a good dog on your property to deter predators and Coyotes as she is very capable to taking them out if that’s the environment she ends up in.
She loves to play, and will do great even in a town and with someone with a backyard.
You will get the doggy appearance with slight wolf characteristics such as the mane and long legs, and Wolfy eyes from her; but she primarily looks like a Kangal.
Doing an agreement to carry on the lineage in the future as a backup, with who ever buys one of the females. This is because the one male stud pup I had sold to a person and lined up to be studded once, the owner said that pup fell through the ice drowned when the ice was thin.
So now I have to do a backup option, as I have worked on the lineage for years.
I would provide a free studding to you for a pup back. Any extra pup I would buy from you; you would have a litter and make money from it, or be able to keep one of her future pups as a family pet from her litter if you wanted.
These pups will be for dedicated people, who have a fenced yard in town, or those who live rurally, and are able to provide food, and a loving home to these pups.
They have been specifically bred for when it hits the fan, because it will in the coming years and already is.
I lived fully Off- Grid and had time to consider which dog breeds would be the best for survival situations.
These will be a versatile dog that will be large and able to defend its self and survive in the elements.
This mix includes both the strongest and smartest dog breeds, and breeds that are the best for sled pulling and winter.
The Dad (Wolfdog) is the most gentle chill dog ever, and the mom is extremely good with kids and people.
They will display Dog and Wolf behavior, but mostly dog.
The genetics will be
50% Kangal
13% Border Collie
12% Alaskan Malamute
12% Australian Shepherd
10.5% Gray Wolf
2.5% German Shepherd
The dad also has an Embark DNA test done.
The breeds in the mix aren’t just random or happened by chance, but the Wolfdog lineage has been selectively bred for 50+ years. The breeds in the mix are for a purpose that would create an ultimate off-grid or country dog, that is loyal, strong, resilient to weather, will protect their family, are able to pull and do sledding, take out Coyotes and defend against Bears or Cougars, and be a companion and family dog.
These canines will be able to withstand cold winters and hot summers. They will be good with people and in public, but will be able to let you know if anyone comes on your land, and also be able to take out Coyotes if need be. High and Mid content Wolfdogs aren’t protection type dogs, but Kangals are good for that; though they are very good with kids and people, they will alert you to if they sense anything, and if need be (if a bear or cougar came along) will protect you with their life.
Kangals are excellent with children and have a long lifespan for a large breed; 12-14 years. Wolfdogs also have a long lifespan, and Collies, Aussies. 15-16 years.
Not only are Kangals large and tall, but they are agile, and have very few health problems. They have been used for thousands of years to guard livestock and as wilderness companions.
These pups will have a low coefficient of inbreeding, with good genetic diversity.
This is an extremely rare mix. It probably hasn’t been done before with the above breeds all mixed and the percentages of each breed.
This will also be the only litter between these two dogs.
I have a family tree with pictures of the lineage all the way back to 1993
The pups will have good traits from all these breeds, and be more trainable, have recall, and not shy of crowds like some Wolves. (They are only 10.5% so will act like a dog). But they will be able to withstand the winters better, and have a greater genetic diversity, and be more robust than the dog breeds.
The parents temperaments are amazing.
The dad is very calm, loves cuddles, and won’t run away like many Wolfdogs.
He has recall and will listen. He is extremely gentle and has no prey drive or resource guarding at all. Better than a doggy dog.
The mother is a calm demeanoured dog that is super loving to her humans, is great with all people. She is good indoors, outdoors, and loves laying and walking with her family. She will protect her family with barking if she senses danger from dogs, Coyotes, or sketchy people that come on to the land.
She is a sensitive female and submits to her family, and she is gentle with all people in public. Very stable and calm. She is intuitive, and is gentle with people. She is a sweet girl, and would guard her family if it were the last resort.
Both parents have a extremely deep bark. So it’s good to have them around if you are hiking. Her male pups will probably have a deeper bark than both.
Most people want to own a high content because of the way they look. But don’t know or have what they need.
These ones are easy to raise, can be taken with you places and are like a dog, but have a little bit of Wolf in them that helps with their health.
But when you get a Wolfdog, more people out of the general population, of the people who have a good setup or yard, would like the owning of a low content such as this litter. This is because you can take them far more places, they don’t need as much meat in their diet, not expensive, are outgoing, don’t need as much of a huge and expensive enclosure as a High content, they are more trainable and good to live indoors or outdoors, and can be pad trained easily; which high contents do better living outdoors.
These parents both do great indoors.
Will fall asleep with you on the couch.
They will do good in a home and family, that will do training and take them on walks, and will have a yard for them.
And of course most importantly, a loving home.
Text or call 587-336-6789 for information and details, or to meet pups